Choose to Shine

Happy New Year! I hope you are feeling inspired and excited to start creating a new chapter in your book of life! This is a wonderful moment to take the time for reflection and setting intentions.

You might feel you were meant for something bigger than ever before, even if you can’t put your finger on what exactly that is. This deep purpose is a feeling bigger than anything you can explain, and it might feel so big that it might even scare you, but just know that it’s possible! 

It all starts by saying YES to you! That is the first step to make your dreams come true! You can choose to be the star of your life! You can choose to shine!

You can ask yourself what you truly want for 2019. If you struggle to decide what you want, you can work on listing what you do not want first and using the list to help you discover what you actually want and write them down.

To help you create your best year yet, I’m gifting you this special Choose to Shine intention-setting workbook I created just for you. (Click here to download the attachment!)

This is your year to shine your Light. Your year to share your gifts. Your year to succeed on purpose!

May the blessings of Light be with you!

Download your gift to get started!