Costa Woman of the Summer

During these difficult times, we want to celebrate and recognise members of Costa Women who have gone above and beyond.  This summer we have been asking for your nominations for Costa Women who have stepped up, or left their comfort zone to adapt to the recent changing and challenging times.




We asked and you nominated!

The women you nominated had all faced challenges in their business and personal lives and had to make changes by learning new skills, jumping out of their comfort zones and making a difference to themselves and their community at large.
The judges decided that the overall winner should be the woman with the most nominations from the community and also because she,
is amazing, she goes out of her way to make everyone feel loved and cherished, uplifts all of us all the time. Supports us in anyway she can. She is the hostess of the mostest at any event.”
Please join me in congratulating Ashlyn Watts for being the overall winner. She had the most nominations, changed her business model and still supported other members.  
You also said
“Not only is Ashlyn a beautiful soul who encourages each and every one of her members in the Costa Woman Axarquia group but she’s also a successful business woman and owner of the premier OCIO magazine.
Times have been tough with the magazine business throughout the lock down and I’m sure still are for the time being.  However, Ashlyn has created a new business venture – something  different,  completely new to her and certainly stepping out of her comfort zone resulting in easing said difficult times for her and her beautiful family.
The business is called ‘Vintage Vogue’ a new to you dress agency – she’s hosted events, a fashion show and private viewings by appointment. Each event has been catered too. She works tirelessly for her and her family and always manages to make these events huge fun!  She’s creative and always manages to pull it off with great enthusiasm.  Those that have attended, me being one of them, have always had a great time! 
Ashlyn is the kind of person who makes things happen…. she just gets on with things. … I feel this award is totally deserved. I’d like to add that 10% of profits are donated to charity. That’s Ashlyn…. always thinking of others.”
Well done Ashlyn!
That said, each of the nominees deserve an award – you are all winners in our eyes with the selfless acts you have performed over the last few months so we are very grateful to you for being YOU!

You also Nominated

Here’s a list of the nominees
  1. Deborah Frati
  2. Bakhyt Jan Barrett
  3. Helen Woolley
  4. Gina Marks
  5. Suzie Malt
Many thanks to all of you for being an inspiration to the community!

Do You want to nominate someone?

If you would like to nominate one (or more) of our members for next month’s competition, please email nominations to with your reasons.