The Pandemic Pivot – Business in the New Normal

Want to know how your business can recover faster in the ‘new normal’? Here’s what the experts are saying:

Be proactive.

Understand how the crisis is impacting your clients and how you can help to ease their pain points. And re-position your products & services accordingly.

Can’t communicate face-to-face?

Seek out new sales channels and find opportunities to have conversations online via social media, LinkedIn etc.

Prepare for new opportunities now.

As China has shown, recovery can happen quickly. So be ready to capitalise. How can you make yourself indispensable to clients? Can you offer them higher perceived value without too much added cost?

Look to your networks.

Who can help whom? Can you forge new and mutually beneficial partnerships to meet customer needs? And how, together, can you contribute to the fight against the pandemic? Can you find ways to connect with clients at a deeper level by aligning more closely with their needs?

Forget knee-jerk solutions

– they don’t work. And, they can have a damaging long-term impact on your image and integrity. A fire sale with big discounts should be avoided. Instead, act strategically by seeking to add value.


Stay positive. Learn. Be creative.


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