Costa Women Meet … Barbara Franken

Meet Barbara Franken, a believer in our own unique magnificence, author and creator of The Magnificent Consciousness providing free Creative Art Projects for local children in Benalmadena


Why Spain Barbara – how did you end up living here?

To live on the tranquil Mediterranean coastline, feeling the warmth of the sunshine, indulging in local fresh organic food and being surrounded by friendly people and awesome Spanish music was our dream come true. We wanted nothing more than to settle down for our retirement and be able to relax, indulge in everything and nothing and journey deeper within ourselves. Discovering the infinite depths of potential that lie within the Human, waiting patiently to take us beyond everything known or imaginable!


Where are you living?

After travelling through Southern Spain playing golf, from Costa de la Luz on the Portuguese border to Costa Calida just below Alicante we decided to settle in Benalmadena on the Costa Del Sol. It is a big Spanish coastal town with Spanish charm and character. You can get lost in its grandness and yet feel its embrace… as it calls you home! We especially love that many nationalities live, work and play here all together and as we love to travel, having family in many parts of the world… Malaga airport is only a 10 minute drive away.


What was the biggest challenge for your move?

It’s always hard leaving family and friends behind, but to be true to yourself it’s essential you follow your heart and trust yourself to meet new beautiful friends… that become family… AND that’s exactly what CostaWomen, both the social and business networking opportunities have given me here in Spain.


How do you spend your days?

I wake up feeling excited to experience each new day, wondering how I will be inspired to fully embody compassion, joy and peace… no matter what comes along to challenge me, and share a new glimpse of magnificence and harmony into the world. Life is always a beautiful reflection of oneself and serves the Human depending how deeply each is connected to our most natural and magnificent self and the world around us.

Since my early retirement, writing and painting has become my true passion. It is an outlet where inspiration flows and I can easily share my experience ‘waking up and ascending’ the limitation of our perceived world of duality. I founded my charity, The Magnificent Consciousness in 2015 as a way to funnel money raised from my own true awakening story… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom and my MasterCreator Class, a practical guide and journey to freedom; for the ones who are ready to leave the old paradigm and birth themselves anew! AND be able to hold FREE Creative Art Projects for local children in Benalmadena.

During our Creative Art Projects in 2017/18 we painted 80 paintings, sharing the children’s expression and vision of ‘Our Magnificent World’ and how the embodiment of love and happiness; being Your Magnificent Self, creates harmony in the world. We shared our message to the public in an Art Exhibition and Royal Stage Performance, which I have used as the background of my children’s e-book, that I was inspired to birth during this pandemic.

IAM a Sparkle of Love is a true and magical children’s story about love and life. To inspire our children (+10) to connect deeply with themselves and the natural world around them and remember the truth of their being ‘Sparkles of Love’, here to bring love and harmony into the world, quite simply by being them self and enjoying their life in each moment.

It is wonderful to imagine many grandparents and parents all around the world reading this book with their loved ones, inspiring each other to be more aware of the magic and harmony we all have the power to create.


Something you have recently achieved?

The more quiet my life has become, the deeper I’ve delved within and have been able to birth new stories to tell the world. Now that my children’s story e-book has been published, I intend to focus more on filling in the details of an outline for a magical novel that is swirling around in my head!


You have organised a dinner – who want at the table?

George Elliot is sitting at my dinner table, Mary married into my family back in the 1800’s… she has so many adventures to tell, both hardships and excitements that made her life a sensation… and will make my future novel a grand success!


What is your secret weapon or accomplishment?

Knowing life is all about experience; for better or worse, and nothing can change how sovereign, free and magnificent you were born to be!


Favourite Quote?

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’ quoted by Mahatma Gandhi first inspired me to look within.


Favourite childhood book and why?

Cicely Mary Barker’s series of the Flower Fairies… the beautiful drawings and words resonated with my innate sense of magic and wonder of the world.


One thing you are planning?

Going to visit my mum for a long holiday in England.


Something you would tell your younger self?

You are worthy, great and perfect just the way you are!


Where can we find out more about our charity project?

My website


Thank you Barbara!