Costa Women Meet … Helena Demuynck

In our Make it Happen Interview series, today’s chat is with Helena Demuynck.  Helena describes herself as a dedicated, visionary Leadership Coach with a proven record of facilitating Senior Leaders and driving groundbreaking advancements in leadership performance and transformation.

Watch our video recording and read more below:-


Hello Helena!  How did your professional journey begin?

Demonstrating an entrepreneurial drive since childhood, I started my own recruitment business in the late 80s. After more than 20 years in recruitment, I wished to contribute to the development of clients in a different way.

​Coaching for leadership became my passion and my purpose. Since 2009, I’ve been working as a certified Leadership Coaching Professional focusing on supporting leaders to tap into their full Leadership potential. I coach my clients in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts.


On your website you say “I truly believe that both businesses and society need a radical leadership correction as the traditional models of the 20th century have served their time and purpose.”  Tell us about your view of the new world using the new model 

We live in a world that is so hard for most of us to understand, changing so fast, we feel we lose grip and do not know what to pursue. And this at all levels of our community. A lot of decisions are driven by fear, we choose our leaders by fear. Look at Trump, Brexit, we also see it in Belgium.

We need authentic leadersthat are focusedon the long term goals relevant to the community. Leaders that can leave their ego and their personal agenda at the door. Leaders that build trust, commitment and engagement through authenticity. Leaders that are transformational, and can guide teams, organisations and society through our VUCA world.


What (based on feedback from your Clients) is the biggest issue facing businesses today? 

In today’s organisations, we see leaders that have been successful for years. They are convinced that the behaviours and skills that brought them where they are now, will be effective in the future. They feel no need to change. They are unaware of the fact that there is a new age, a new generation, new values, that ask for a different style of leadership. That makes it difficult to create engagement and commitment to achieve the common goals.


We talk a lot about finding your purpose – how have you found yours and what tips can you offer for others looking for theirs?

I strongly believe we should make the time to find what is really relevant, important and valuable for us. If we are aware of our values and purpose, we know what givesus energy and also what drains our energy. Finding your purposeis an investment. It is something you do intentionally and takes some time. In my personal development as a coach and facilitator, I have been able to explicitly define my purpose. It helps me to make choices, because my values and my purpose are like a compass that guides me in the right direction, and allows me to say no to options of opportunities that do not contribute to that purpose.

My purpose is contributing to the creation of a better world by supporting leaders an future leaders to tap into their full potential and live the best version of themselves.

That is why I offer individual and team coaching journeys to explore that potential and to help people to live in sync with their values and purpose, to be in sync with others. To be vulnerable as well as courageous, not to let them hold back by inner and outer critics, to live their lifes fully.

AndI love what I am doing!


What changes has Helena made which have been as a result of her life experience? (tips in the video!)

Focus on the moment

Be intentional

Be grateful

Celebrate successes

Reflect on your habits and routines and consciously change them if the areno longer effective


Tell me about

O4l is the professional platform I use to deliver coaching and facilitation, life, virtual, through community building. It is also a collaboration and cocreation platform, where I work together with my business partners.

I like to use it methaphorically, because oxygen is a growth accelerator for all existing life on earth. If possible, I also bring real oxygen in my work, by organizing retreats in amazing places, surrounded by nature, or by coaching in nature.

I strongly believe that nature helps us to put things in perspective, and creates the sense of belonging to a greater system.



Who are your heroes and favourite coaches / mentors?

Judith Glazer – Conversational Intelligence – died last year, such an inspiration. Combination of research, vision, and dream to create a better world through conversations 

Brené Brown – Multiple books, ted talks, bringing concepts as vulnerability and shame to life and holding the space for women leaders that want to show up authentically

As you can see, my heroes are sheroes (‘love that’ said Ali) 

I have to give credit to a man as well,

Steven Covey – The Seven Habits


What book did you read in 2018 which made a difference to your life and why?

I have read so many, but this one:

Beyond Threat, by Nelisha Wickremasinghe. The book is an eye-opener to how we are wired. If we learn to manage our reptile brain, we can respond with intelligence and compassion to unwanted, unexpected and unpleasant life experiences


What’s your own personal superpower?

Building resilience through meditation and being in sync with nature


What do you have planned for 2019

Consolidating what I set up last summer: the oxygen4leadership community and the Authentic Leadership Roadshow. And enjoying live, family and friends even more!


What’s the best way to connect with you?

Connect with me on Linkedin 


Thank you Helena!