What To Do With Fear?

Fear of making a mistake has sometimes almost paralyzed me, how about you?

The other day, a small daily event connected me with a bigger pattern in life. 

I had cleaned my computer’s cookies and cache, so I needed to enter my password again to access my emails. I typed in the password and got an error message, the system asked me to try again. I typed more careful what I thought was my password for the second time, but it was still incorrect. The third attempt would lock my account. I observed how my mind painted a picture of the hassle of resetting my account if I failed, then a judgment came and said I should remember my password, how can I forget…  It didn’t truly help, luckily I now know what to do with those judgments and negative thoughts, I clear them, forgive them and let them go. Yet, when I tried again, the system gave me an error message again and I had to go through the password reset process to get my access back.

This experience made me think about the fear of making mistakes and how it makes us think, feel and do. All those moments in my past and even this moment too.

Yes, I have fears.

Maybe you have them too? BUT they don’t mean your dreams can’t come true!

I get it as I have been there too. I have feared that my dreams won’t come true. I have feared failure and I have feared success too. I have feared to take a step or make a move as I have not wanted to make a mistake or two… Those moments fear also whipped me with an old stick as it showed me old video clips. All those times when I felt that I made mistakes. Those very BIG ones that were things that I wished I could get undone. Those moments when I judged myself what I did or didn’t do but that did not help me through.

Fear of making a wrong choice might make us choose none but that’s not the way how things will get done. I could have chosen never try again but I could have not accessed my emails again. Non-action is a choice too and staying stuck won’t make your dreams come true, so what to do?

When fear is embracing you with its mighty grip, it makes you think that you will slip. It paints the pictures, those horror scenes, It does it so well that it makes you fear that it’s real. Those moments it’s good to take a moment and remember this, let this quote guide us through this:

“Once you have set a goal or direction for yourself, you may experience a fear of failure, a fear of being unable to measure up and reach that goal. You’re in good company. I’m sure that everyone on the planet has experienced this fear. There are no real failures, however. The word failure is only your interpretation of a test you aren’t prepared to handle yet. Perhaps the reason you aren’t prepared to handle it is that you haven’t imaged-in enough correct information. You haven’t gone over it enough in your mind, placed it in your emotions as confidence, or placed it in your body as a skill that you can produce when the test comes. These so-called failures aren’t recorded against you. You can simply say, “Yes, I failed that course. I guess I had better repeat it.” Or “I guess I’m not cut out for that. I’ll start in another direction.” The test does not record your failure; you record your failure. The test records your lack of preparation and reveals to you the work necessary for your success. Understanding this, you may see that your job is to go back, review the material you didn’t understand before, and learn it this time. When you can approach life with the attitude that each step is a preparation for the next step, you’ll be in good territory.” -John-Roger, DSS

Embrace your fear and learn from it, that might move you forward a bit.

I know you came here with a mission, you were given a vision. Now it’s time to move forward and live your purpose and love your life too, it’s time to make your dreams come true. Let’s go, let’s feel the fear and learn from it, and let’s do what we came here to do. 

Will you join me?

With Love and Light,

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