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Making it Happen is Joy Ogeh-Hutfield – a world class Transformation Coach and one of UK’s most inspirational authors and International Speaker. Trained by the renowned International Coach Anthony Robbins and accredited coach by the International Coaching Federation, Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, is founder of Joy Transformation and majors on mind-set transformation.


Joy, let’s start with what has led you to now?


I was born in Nigeria, an only child. My parents wanted more children but unfortunately, my mum couldn’t have more. Also, I was a girl. In the African tradition, having a boy secured your legacy. I believed my dad really would have loved to have a boy. I went to boarding school from the age of 11 to 16years. It was a major sacrifice as at that time my parents were not rich. However, it was the best form of education /environment which positioned me for a better future.

At 16, an opportunity was presented to me when my auntie who had been living in the UK for the past 25years came to visit us. My dream at that time was to become an actress. She suggested that London would be the right place to begin my dream. So, 4 days later, my mum and I came to the UK. This gave rise to my discovering who I was and who I wanted to become. One thing that emerged was my love for people. I was fascinated by the differences and similarities we all shared.

I went on to study Theatre and psychology at the university of Liverpool and later a post graduate certificate in education at university of Greenwich and specialised in teaching adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. I soon realised my passion for Mind Set transformation. I was surrounded by people who had very little self -belief and were constantly told that they were not good enough or would not amount to much because they had a disability or were classed as having a behavioural challenge. Somehow, I took on the challenge. Perhaps, a personal battle with society.

My motto: Dare to do the impossible.

So, I pushed the boundaries and encouraged others to do the same. This vision and attitude has led me to become a transformation coach.


When did your business journey start?


My first business journey started in 2001 after an employment contract came to an end and I saw an opportunity to turn my passion of equality and diversity into a business. I started my first business’ LAMAJO’ Consultancy working in the area of Equality, Diversity and Leadership and Coaching. Although at that time, coaching was used more as a tool rather than a mandate. The real transformation came when I was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer and it soon became clear that I needed to redefine my life’s purpose. That discovery shifted my mindset. All my life, I believed the world had something to give me but then I understood that it was I that needed to give back to my world. I needed to serve, to contribute, to make a difference. My mandate became: To Transform lives and help others live life with purpose, joy and fulfilment. This was to be achieved through a mind- set transformation. This led me to start my 2nd business: Joy Transformation with a greater emphasis on Coaching. To take this to a much higher level, I went on a mastery programme with Tony Robbins. The experience itself was transformational.


Was a positive mind-set something you personally have struggled with?


I have never really struggled with a positive mind set. Growing up, I was always the one to cheer people up and was always motivating. Being an only child, always surrounded myself with people and I suppose being called JOY, somehow, I was expected to be happy. In the dark areas of my life, times I miscarried, lost my first child who was only 2 hours old and when I was diagnosed with cancer, I did struggle to maintain a positive mindset. Times where fear crept in and my faith was weak or when I doubted myself and my mandate.


What does ‘joy’ mean to you? Who, or what is your main source of inspiration, or ‘joy’ and why?


Joy is a special word to me. It means peace, gratitude in the midst of difficult circumstances or situations. It means to give thanks even when things are not going right.  Joy is a choice, Joy is a state and its manifested when there is an atmosphere of gratitude, faith, thankfulness and beauty. My main source of inspiration is God. I believe I was given a second chance to make my years on earth count for something. I have decided to use my years to help others discover and live out their life’s purpose. Joy is the key to living out that purpose. Joy is choosing to cultivate a positive mindset when everything around you is falling apart. Joy is within you. It’s in you. We just need to draw from it.


What is the main thing you believe stops us being ‘women of purpose’?


There are three main things that stops us being women of purpose.

  • Lack of self- awareness – not taking the time to define who we really are.
  • Self-Doubt – not feeling good enough
  • Self-Love – looking for love everywhere else but ourselves


What is your legacy?

My legacy – The Love Campaign. A day all over the world where every man, woman, child, nation, kingdom reaches out to one another in love through practical acts of love. A day of forgiveness where everyone chooses to forgive and love instead.



You are coming to Spain – tell us about the event!


The event: Be a Woman of Purpose. It’s a unique empowerment evening filled with fun, laughter and energy with like minded women who want to live out their life’s purpose with joy and help make a significant difference and contribution to their communities and world. It will give a new outlook on how discovering and fulfilling one’s purpose impacts their success and fulfilment in life.

The women empowerment soiree is embedded in a vision that I had in 2015 about creating a society of women who are empowered with self-love, self-worth to make a difference to themselves and the world around them. Since 2016 we have had 8 women empowerment soirees in Wales, London, Africa and now Spain. The future belongs to a woman with PURPOSE.


One thing you will achieve in 2019

One thing I will achieve in 2019 is having my own TV Show



What books have you read this year because they inspired you? why?

‘The key person of influence’ by Daniel Priestley, – Great book which has helped me to re- evaluate how I define my next chapter in making a difference to my world with my gift.

‘You Do You’ by Sarah Knight – another great read on how to be comfortable being me and focus on me. This has really helped me in moments when I am being too critical of myself. 

‘The Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren. Awesome book. It resonated with me as we both share a passion of helping others discover their purpose. I learnt so much from this book and it helped re-ignite my purpose and gave me a lot of clarity.


What is your superpower?

My super power is prayer and meditation. I feel nothing is impossible!!


What would be your advice to the younger you?

My advice to my younger self: Be audacious.  Never put off things you can do now! Always seize the moment and be present!


One quote you live by?

my quote: Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. By Lucille Ball


I am waving my magic make it happen wand – what dream are you daydreaming about?

I am daydreaming of having my very own TV show that will impact and transform lives.


What’s your preferred method of connecting with you?


Facebook : Joy-transformation


Twitter: @joytransfo


Thank you Joy!

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  1. If this interview spoke to you and you would like to hear Joy live, now is your chance! Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 18 Joy is in Costa Tropical hosting an very special women empowerment soiree - Be a woman of purpose!

    Get your tickets while they are still available on Eventbrite:

  2. Such a great interview. As a fellow author, coach, speaker, I related a lot. Helping people to live their purpose is also what I do as a break through coach. Seeing people happy and living a life of JOY to use your magic word, is great.
    I'm not sure how to reach Joy, but I'm doing speed interviews on my YouTube channel which takes 5-10minutes to inspire people that living the life you desire is really possible.

    Have a great day!
    Rachel Smets

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