Judy Loe

Costa Women Meet … Judy Loe

“Always remember, nothing in life is permanent. It’s far more rewarding to have tried and explored new horizons than to carry the weight of regret for opportunities not seized.” Read Judy Loe’s Spain story.

Why Spain?

A couple of years ago, I made the decision to part ways with all my possessions in San Diego, California, and set off for Spain with nothing more than two suitcases. Though the road has not always been smooth, this choice stands as one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made thus far.

My motivation behind this move was a desire to break free from my comfort zone and take a leap into the unknown, a place where I had no familiar faces and where the culture allowed me to adopt a fresh perspective.

So far, it has been a great success, as I’ve gained numerous meaningful connections and friendships on this new adventure. Transforming Spain into my new home has not only allowed me to create a network of cherished relationships but has also created a path to a different way of living.

It has taught me the art of embracing the present moment and letting new experiences unfold organically, surprising me in amazing ways, including a new relationship. In leaving behind the familiar, I found a world of opportunity, growth, and the magic of living life on my own terms.

Spain has become the canvas on which I paint the colorful tapestry of my life, and each day is a stroke of adventure and possibility. My decision to embrace the unknown and make this beautiful country my home has enriched my life in so many ways.

And where are you now?

At the moment I live on the east side of Marbella in Las Chapas with my new partner.

What was the biggest challenge for your move?

One of the biggest challenges I encountered was the sense of solitude. This solitude extended to the decision-making process, especially in a foreign land where I was unfamiliar with the systems and culture.

Over time, I’ve learned to let go of the expectations ingrained in me as an American. Instead, I’ve adopted a more patient approach, allowing the processes and mindset of this country to reveal themselves naturally.

I’ve come to understand that, with time, everything will align perfectly in its own way, reassuring me that patience and adaptability are keys to success when starting a new chapter of life.

Do you have any advice for Women thinking about making the move?

Always remember, nothing in life is permanent.

So, if you find yourself inspired to embark on a new journey, don’t hesitate to take that leap of faith. If, along the way, you discover it’s not quite what you expected or not to your liking, remember that you have the power to change your path.

It’s far more rewarding to have tried and explored new horizons than to carry the weight of regret for opportunities not seized.

Tell us about your business

I am a Wellness coach and Life Vision strategist, which means that my role is to empower my clients to not only thrive in life but also unearth their untapped potential, both within themselves and in the world around them.

I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to guide and assist individuals on their journey toward profound fulfillment, a path that has brought personal growth and fulfillment to my own life as well.

Something you are grateful for?

Gratitude is a daily practice. I feel appreciation for almost everything…even the challenges.

Yeah…I know, that sounds weird but I see them as lessons.

Who would be at your special dinner party?

I would have a large dinner party with Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Sadhuru, Jon & Missy Butcher, Michael Beckwith, Mel Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Esther Perel, Oprah to name a few. They are all people I have learned from and would love to meet in person.

What’s your secret weapon or accomplishment?

I think I connect well with people, and I can be a very good listener.

Do you have mantra you live by?

It changes, but right now my mantra rings as follows

" I commit to staying in my zone of genius...now and always"

Do you have a favourite film?

Love Actually ­čÖé It’s one of those real “feel good” movies.

Something you would tell your younger self?

You are not who you think you are… Dare to explore!

Thank you Judy Loe where can we find out more?

My website: www.thrivewithjudy.com And @ThrivewithJudy on Social Media


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