Costa Women Meet … Lorraine Williamson

In the first of our revitalised Costa Women interviews, it seems appropriate that the first person is Lorraine Williamson who many of you know has been supporting me since last March with Costa Women events, marketing and projects.


Hello Lorraine, why Spain?

It was like a second home as we already came to visit 3 or 4 times each year.


Where are you based and why should we move there too?

I live in Marbella. It is a very central location for easy access to Malaga and the airport, Gibraltar and Africa. There is a good road network and also trains from Fuengirola which is only 20 minutes away. Marbella has a beautiful long beach and fantastic walks. There are many bars and restaurants as well as the quaint “old town” with famous orange square that everyone should visit. It is within walking distance to Puerto Banus and has many mountains and lakes all nearby.


How do you spend your days?

I have various online projects and am a health and wellbeing coach. I am Director of Communications for a charity, Liluye. I love walking on the beach or in the mountains. I enjoy horse-riding, running and painting.


Something you have achieved, or are grateful for, during these COVID19 days…

I am grateful for my grandaughter, Sofia and for the support I have from my family and friends around me. I have learned a lot online during Covid and have been able to make use of my new skills in a practical way.


If you arranged a dinner party with your favourite people, who would you invite?

Messi, The Williams sisters, Sebastian Coe, Jessie J, James Boardman, Dan Highcock


What is your superpower?

My commitment/determination


One thing you had to bring to Spain that you could never give away…

Some items of my mums as they can never be replaced.


Favourite Childhood Book?

Stig of the dump. Can’t remember why but it has always stuck with me.


The only thing you are most looking forward to when restrictions are lifted is..



Something you would tell your younger self?

If it feels right, do it


Where can we connect with you?


Thanks Lorraine!


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  1. Hi Lorraine. Good to get to know more about you. I´m with you re Jessie J ' now there´s a woman who ROCKS! As you can see, I´m taking your tip and expolring the CW website. Hasta luego! Mary

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