Costa Women Meet … Mariëlle de Bruin

Meet Mariëlle one of our dutch members who spends her days helping people with pain relief as well as enjoying her family life in Mijas 



Hello Mariëlle – what brought you to Spain?

I came straight away after finishing my career as a physiotherapist in the Netherlands. Due to recent changes in the Health Care system there was no work in my country at that time, so I thought a couple of years abroad would be a nice adventure ánd good for my work experience. My idea was to stay 2-3 years. Well, that turned out a bit longer….. Almost 30 years by now!


Where do you live?

I am based in Mijas, Costa del Sol. For me it has everything I need: enough work, nice climat, beach and mountains, nice food, friendly environment for the children.


What was your biggest challenge when you moved to Spain?

The biggest challenge was to survive the first years, to build a customer base out of nothing until it was big enough to earn a living. To overcome these first years is a question of the long haul, of personal belief, hard work and persistence.


How do you spend your days?

My days are filled with work and family life (husband and two young boys). In this stage of life I don’t have much time for myself. Spain is a lovely country for family life though, we all enjoy it living here.


Something you have achieved in the last 18 months?

Very grateful for my loyal clientele. Business wise it was a bit a chaotic year, but overall it wasn’t bad at all. Grateful for the financial help the government and the town hall offered. Proud of my little boys who are happy and healthy even with all these changes. Proud of my husband who found a good job in the middle of the Covid-caos.


Who would you invite to be around your dinner table?

Parents and parents-in-law. We haven’t seen each other for a long time now and unfortunately their health is declining.


What is your secret weapon?

Personal approach and offering time to listen to my clientele. People feel lonely and isolated these days, they long for a listening ear.


Favourite saying?

“Everything will turn out well. But different from what you think now.”


One thing you had to bring to Spain with you?

My letter opener! When I came I had no phone (let along a mobile), flights were expensive, no email….. Communication was purely by letter. I spent ours writing letters to family and friends and still have boxes filled with letters I received.


Favourite childhood book?

So many. I read a lot. I saved lots of them and do read them to my children now. Happy memories.


Something you would tell your younger self?

Don’t worry and stop the thinking. As everything will turn out well, but different from what you think now.


Where can we connect with you?






Thank you Mariëlle


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