Starting your own business and building your brand


Today women are taking on new roles in the work place, not only that they are also starting their own businesses. The female business owner is now becoming worldwide and accepted more than it was years ago.


So what are women up to?

A new idea for many women is to not only build their brand, but to make their own products.

Arts and crafts are very popular and you really should have a skill or have an artistic tend to be able to do this. Some women make half the product or purchase it and decorate it. Some products are made from scratch and completely handmade. This is not only an affordable business, but relaxing and enjoyable.

Networking This used to have the wrong concept, but networking is certainly the way to go, working alongside other women and men too!! is a good idea, you can bounce ideas of each other, share contacts and material.  This is the new modern way to work and what better than to work alongside successful powerful women.

Building your brand if you have the concept and a good product, why not take it to the next step. Seeking advice is vital, start off in the right direction. Sometimes your business is waiting around the next corner and you didn’t realise it.

Watching YouTube videos on how to build your brand is ideal.


Talk to someone who knows about business


Ali Meehan has a wealth of knowledge within the world of business, she is a well travelled and successful role model. She also has courses on business and can help you. Why not consider finding out more about her courses. If she can´t offer you what you are looking for, she will know someone who can. 

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How to decide on a business

You must think about your decisions, what the business will cost, do you need a website, do you need public space, is this something you will enjoy doing. So many women are stuck in jobs they dislike, that shouldn´t be the case if you start your own business.

If you join a multi-level marketing company, be sure that you join a business that the products or services actually interest you. If you are going to sell a product, you must believe in your products and use them yourself. This helps so much when you are telling others about your wares.


Starting your own product

Always seek guidance before you do this. You may need a license or a certain document to sell your product or service. Be careful not to tread on others feet, learn about the product or service you want to work with and plan how you will do it. Without a business plan things could go wrong and you could lose everything.

This video may give you an insight to building your brand and creating your own product.


Should it be my dream?

This is a very good question, that depends on you. So many women work to keep their family and pay bills, but now women are looking at doing more than that. They want to work with like minded people, offer a service that they know people need, sell a product or products that will change people´s lives or make it better, or just make them feel happy. So if you have this in mind you will make your own decision.


Best of luck ladies in your ventures