Natalia Benete

Costa Women Meet Natalia Benete

Originally from Madrid, dreaming Paris, and landed in Fuengirola, meet Natalia Benete. Her Spanish journey has brought her to a deeper understanding of healing and how we can connect and make more empowered health decisions.  Read her story.

Why Spain?

All my family is from Córdoba (Andalucía) and I’m the only one born in Madrid, where I lived until my 20s when I decided to explore the world.

After spending some months in south Italy, I moved to the French Alps and then to Paris (my dream place). Here, I had the opportunity to strengthen my French, travel a lot, make new friends, discover new interests and also, develop my career as a healthcare provider in different settings. But after more than 12 years of city life and even if I love it so much there (I’m half Parisian now), I needed a change of perspective personally and professionally. And that’s when I decided to move back to Spain, this time by the Mediterranean coast; Málaga.

And where are you now?

Life had other plans and I’m finally established in Fuengirola, where some members of my family have their 2nd residence.

Funny fact that some of you may not know: Fuengirola is known as the beach of Córdoba

Even though I was more attracted to Málaga because it’s a big (and now trendy) city, I’m happy to have landed in Fuengirola.

Here are 3 reasons why I like it (without mentioning the amazing weather):

1. It is flat and you can walk everywhere easily!!

2. The mix of expats, tourist and locals reminds is interesting. I would really love to see more multicultural and multi-background groups in the near future!

3. The public transport connections with Málaga; it’s great to have a train that takes you to the airport and Málaga centre in less than 1 hour!

What was the biggest challenge for your move?

My biggest challenge was to accept all those little things I didn’t like about Spain and that made me leave in the first place; poor working conditions, the car as the only way of transport available, less cultural diversity, conformism… It’s been a process and still is.

Therapy helps, as much as coaching; I’m working a lot on my belief system, my expectations, and my standards.

I have started my own business and joined different international business acceleration programs and associations, and I have experienced firsthand that things have changed a lot since I left Spain in 2010! Yeah!!

Do you have any advice for Women thinking about making the move?

As someone who has lived abroad, I really really really encourage everyone moving to Spain to learn the language (the basics to start), to dive into the culture and habits with respect, be open to changing your perspectives, and to adapt (sometimes) to the Spanish way of living! And the most important of all – with locals!!

It’s challenging to move to a new country, to not speak the language…but hey, this is one of the nicest countries to live, because of the people. So meet them whenever and wherever you can.

Has your move affected your business? 

My business is in an early stage and is demanding a lot of focus and energy right now. I guide other people, mostly women, to learn how the body works, how to use the healing tools that we all have to make more empowered health decisions, and, to appreciate the connection body-mind-soul through awareness, conscious, creative, and fun movements workshops and 1:1 programs.

When I can, I love to go for a walk in the morning and say hello to the Mediterranean.

On the days I stay home, I like to start with free movement sessions, organise the apartment, and then, get ready for work.

The outdoor activities I’m exploring now for my enjoyment are pottery, dance, and trekking. Indoors, I’m into reading, cooking, and planning holidays!

natalia benete

If you could achieve one spectacular thing in one day what would it be?

Teleportation to pick up all the people I love and take them to a nice beach where we will enjoy lunch together, and they could finally meet each other!

Something you have achieved?

Keeping friendship alive, even when you don’t see each other every day, is like taking care of a plant; it needs commitment from both sides. I’m grateful to have a worldwide family!

Who would be at your special dinner party?

My mum, who I didn’t have the chance to meet. And the other important women of my life (in this Earth and other nice places) – my grandmas, my cousins and aunts, my close girlfriends, my life teachers and mentors… Community and sorority have always been important to me, now even more. I feel connected to their stories and the story of womanhood in general. And it’s really inspiring!

What’s your secret weapon?

My secret weapon is creativity and problem-solving. I always find a solution, both in personal and professional life, that wasn’t explored before. And I love to do the same with other people’s problems or situations.

What is your favourite mantra that you live by?

‘It’s all about attitude’ is one of my life mantras. Because you always have the chance to see life in a funnier (and sunnier) way!

One thing you had to bring to Spain and could never give away?

My working material and all the books and folders from every training I have followed since I moved to Paris. It was a lot, and some of the information is digital now, but I need them everywhere I go because they have my designs and annotations. They are part of my story and my personal and professional development.

In a more funny note, I couldn’t live without my sparkling water machine!

Do you have a favourite film?

‘Shoot me, I’m already dead’ by the Spanish author Julia Navarro. It’s a historical fiction novel that explores the origins of the conflict between Palestine and Israel from various perspectives. It still impresses me today.

Something you would tell your younger self?

‘Perfection is the enemy of action’. Try, test, and change if you don’t have the results that you were looking for. There’s no failure; there is just learning.

Thank you Natalia Benete where can we find out more?

Here’s where you can find me

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