Costa Women Meet … Tricia Audette

Tricia Audette is passionate about education and theatre and has woven the two together in her own special brand of ‘learning through comedy’. As well as having a love of butterflies she has also a connection to Albert Einstein.  Let’s hear more from this Canadian now living in Madrid!


Let’s start with your life story, what has led you to Madrid?

I had originally came to Spain quite simply for the language and wanted an adventure.  I’ve been very fortunate to travel all over the world but had never been to Europe so here we are. 

I left my secure job, long term boyfriend, sold everything and bought a one way ticket to Barcelona in 2010.  I had zero plans.  What I did have was two massive suitcases.  

I ended up in Seville because I was tired of moving around with my luggage.  It was August, crazy hot though it was charming and had wonderful vibrations. I make decisions based on energy and feelings.  I rarely ask opinions about places cause I do not want to be influenced.  We all have such different experiences, it’s best to live places first hand.  

A year later I got a job as a North American Visiting teacher and was placed in Madrid.  The program only lasted a year but I only needed a day to fall in love with Madrid so I’ve been here ever since.


And you have created TYF Comedy – have you always made people laugh? 

Looking back on life, yes I’ve always been a jokester.  Always getting in trouble at school for distracting the rest, always loving a good laugh and just super hyper.  I love laughing.  It’s the best part of the day when you really throw your body into a good chuckle.  I didn’t always work as comedian though, Spain changed me into a full blown entertainer.  I came as a teacher. I was always using comedy at school and one thing led to another and before I knew it, I switched the classroom for the stage.


Has it been hard to get into the comedy market in Madrid and what about the cultural differences?

Comedy in English is a small market here, especially in comparison to Barcelona.  We all know each other and work as a community, collaborate and try not to schedule shows on the same day.  That side of the market is lovely, as for the comedy, you do need to adapt to your audience.  People from different countries have different tastes.  Comedy is not just about language, especially in stand up where we often make pop culture references or share experiences that others who have not grown up in the same environment would understand.  The jokes I use are different for an all Spanish audience then an all English one.  Having spent so many years teaching English, I know the language that learners understand and have a pretty good idea of what jokes work with what culture based on trial and error.  I pay close attention to who is laughing at what.


What makes you laugh?  Where do you find your characters from?

Real life is the most comical to me, experiences that I have often end up on stage.  People who know me well see that I’m always taking out my phone out to take notes.  Not always effective though cause sometimes I don’t understand my own cue words! 

My characters are often just extensions of myself and I’m definitely inspired by Saturday Night Live, especially Kristin Wig and Kate McKinnon. Absolute legends.  


You have a theatre project too – Tringlish Theatre?

Yes I have many projects but this week, in fact, I’ve decided to trim down my focus for my own sanity and those around me haha I have 5 social medias and I am dedicating everything to just one now – TYF Comedy which is my new project that just started in July with Fernando Garcia Torres, a comedian from Sevilla who has been doing stand up professionally for 15 years.  Tringlish Theatre is on a hold  and/or being morphed to fit in TYF so I can maintain one platform.  I tend to spread myself too thin.  By narrowing the focus, I hope to create more valuable content for my followers.  I will be carrying over the essence of comedy for education.  I am in a very transitional year in many ways.


You say “We work together to enrich education which is amazing as education is the solution to everything!” – tell us more?  

Yes it absolutely is! The more we enrich our minds, the more open we are to accepting and understanding each other.  Plus, education gives us this wonderful platform to be aware of what’s happening around us and opens our eyes to the possibilities.  When we believe we have choices, we often feel more driven don’t we and when we actively choose the life we live then we tend to be happier as well.



And Albert Einstein?

Where did you dig that up??!! Well researched interview!! Haha One of my first monologues years back was about Albert Einstein and I liked it so much I still use it from time to time.  I try to convince the audience I may have been him in a past life by comparing our many similarities.  For example, he discovered the Theory of Relativity.  I have a theory, all my relatives are crazy.



One thing you will achieve before the end of 2019

Brand clarity – I really want to combine what I have into one brand and focus all my energy in one place. 


What books have you read this year because they inspired you? why? 

I’m really into self help books haha I am just about done reading Tapping Into Neuro-Productivity by Kirstin Odonovan*.  Its helping me with my goal of focus and creating new habits that will help me achieve that.  I’m also reading The Presence Process by Michael Brown.  I like reminders to bring my focus to today.  I’m always such a busy body and striving for something that sometimes I forget to enjoy today.

(*note from Ali, she’s a member of Costa Women too!)


What is your superpower? 

I think I’m pretty good at getting shy language learners to speak on stage in front of a crowd of people totally improvised.  If I can have two, I think I’m very creative as well!


What would be your advice to the younger you? 

Not take everything so seriously and enjoy the process, less focus on the destination.


One quote you live by?

“If you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change.”


I am waving my magic make it happen wand – what dream are you daydreaming about? 

Having my own sketch show on television where I get to play hilariously wild characters every day and be a part of the writing team too!


If you want to connect with Tricia and find out where to catch her comedy show in Madrid she is just launching a new website and has facebook and instagram at


Thanks Tricia!