Costa Women Meet … Tricia Gabbitas

The ability to bounce back from anything, support the community and write poems is what has kept Tricia Gabbitas going through the last year.  Read her story



Why Spain?

After spending a few months each year in Majorca we decided to try mainland Spain, discovering Torre del Mar by accident during a free coach trip from Nerja. We loved the place, started visiting each winter and eventually decided to settle there. Why Spain? The climate, the people, the food.


Where are you based?

Torre del Mar. Still Spanish but with good non-Spanish contacts if needed. Lovely people. Not expensive!


What was the biggest challenge for your move and how did you overcome it?

The language! I started years ago making up my own list of much-used words then attended conversation classes at a local centre for a short time. My grammar still not that good but I can converse freely with my Spanish friends.


How do you spend your days here?

I’m as busy now as when I was working, always having a craft project on the go. I’m blessed to be multi-talented, having mastered 28 different crafts – photos of lots of them on my Facebook page.


Here’s some of my craft projects…

Pressed Flower Picture I created


Completed Three-tier Basket


Knitted/Crochet Jacket


I’ve written and recorded a CD of 20 Gospel songs that you can hear on YouTube. Since writing my first poem at school I’ve written almost a thousand and a few years ago I put them into a series of 4 books along with a book of short stories and another of holiday anecdotes, co-written with my husband. Together with my autobiography they are all available on Amazon. One thing I enjoyed with my Christian poems was putting them onto small decorated cards and giving them to hospices, hospitals and also to anyone they could help.

Since we came to Spain my husband and I have made a point of being available to help anyone – with anything!


Something you are grateful for in these Covid days?

I am truly grateful to be healthy and have the support of my wonderful husband.

We felt so blessed with our good fortune we simply decided to help anyone we could, in any way that we could, and since then we have made a point of doing just that.
We tend to be the first point of call for everyone who knows us when help/advice/research is needed.  Experience has proved how true the saying is “what goes around, comes around”.
If you arranged a dinner party with your favourite people who would you invite?

Close friends and family, Neale Donald Walsch, Albert Einstein, Pam Grout, Jesus, Bradley Walsh, Elvis!


What is your secret weapon or accomplishment?

  1. Optimism and knowing that I Receive what I Believe.
  2. The ability and willingness to look at both sides of an issue.
  3. Innate ability to bounce back from anything


One thing you had to bring with you to Spain and could never give away and why?

An art-deco table lamp. It was a gift from a very dear old friend who passed away many years ago now. It has a mirrored base and the shade has pressed flowers on it, one of my favourite crafts.


Favourite Childhood Book?

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. It was a Sunday school prize and the first book I ever owned. The story took me to wonderful exciting new lands, far away from my life of poverty at that time.


The one thing you are most looking forward to when restrictions are relaxed?

Being able to visit family and meet up with friends again


Something you would tell your younger self?

Whatever you do will be right at the time so trust your inner self and have no regrets.


Where can we find out more?

My Facebook page:


Thank you Tricia!


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