Have you ever wondered what is Affiliate Marketing?

With the property market being so unpredictable as people cannot get here to view. I have been exploring other ways to make money online.

I have come across this free course in Affiliate Marketing from Wealthy Affiliate. https://bit.ly/3sS6zGH It seems that we can resell absolutely anything from Ebay, Amazon, Nike, Adidas and pretty much any other company by just recomending them via a link and if people buy we get a commision. As I have above . (Though this is free.) 

This is a fabulous community of like minded people setting up online. I have joined and followed the process and now have a new website blog coming along that I hope to share with everyone very soon. 

You need to choose a niche market that you enjoy and then provide value to other people.

I have chosen health and fitness over 50 and I am going to share my journey. I have called it The best version of Yourself. I am not sure what I am going to sell just yet but that will come as I build my site and give value.

If you are looking for a niche business to work online from home I recommend starting here on this course it is very interesting and as I said before free to sign up. If you later want to join premium thats up to you but there are 2 courses here for free and you can ask the community for help with anything.

Click this link to sign up https://bit.ly/3sS6zGH Nothing to lose and It is very interesting!

If you do join at a later date I will get a commission. But I am enjoying sharing the content anyway. 

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  1. Hello Nikki, I have joined. Can you have a chat with me about the pricing and other things to do with it tomorrow please? also where do I find my own link? I have filled it all in.

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