Dr. John Lee


Doctor John Lee – who was he?


I write about him quite often in my articles, blogs, and social media posts. But have you ever wondered why? I support women who change the world and empower us, collaborate with them, and work with them, but not often do I include men in this category.

Dr. John Lee has changed the lives of women. He was a general practitioner (MD)  in California and for many years he was uncomfortable with the system of having to dish out medication that he was told was “the best for women” he realized that he had to do something because from some of his investigation into how Progesterone works in a woman´s body, he knew he had to do more work and he needed surveys, reports and more time to ensure this work came to fruition.

He gave up his practice and spent his time studying and investigating how women´s hormones “really worked”.


Then the shock came to the world of medicine when he published “What your Doctor may not tell you about Peri-menopause”

Doctors began to read it, most were amazed by his findings, some were not convinced until they saw the results from women´s testimonials. 

Women now had a choice, but yet, so many women are still unaware of the fact that “hormone balance is the key” this was his mission, to guide women to understand this and how it works, and that there was a way out of menopause symptoms, and in fact, it was so simple, and not only that, it was natural.

Today women are using natural progesterone cream and getting results, no one ever imagined that hot flushes, night sweats, migraine, mood swings, and other uncomfortable symptoms could be eased with a few lifestyle changes and the use of Progesterone Balancing Cream 


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