Estelle’s Weekly Wonderings – A little late but who’s busy?

Estelle’s Weekly Wonderings

What a difference a week makes! One wonders how we will remember this period in the future – will it be as big a milestone as it feels right now? Will it be a defining moment in people’s lives – where were you for the lockdown of 2020?

Sadly we have had to close the clinic during this time – at first due to our own concerns regarding the health of our patients and staff and then at the order of the Colegio de Fisioterapeutas.
We hope to reopen as soon as possible – partly because I’ve never been away from the clinic for this long!! ARGH, how will I cope? I am reading all the physiotherapy material that I can find to return refreshed and with new ideas. Assuming I don’t go stir crazy . . . . . So please do not hesitate to send us emailsWhatsApps or phone us if you need advice or help! 

Thing I Like

Workout videos! My granddaughter has curated a set of workout videos for us to follow each day. So far we’ve included hip hopcardioyoga and I think there’s even some zumba and Bollywood on her list! Each one no more than 30 minutes long, they get the blood pumping and work some new muscles and create new challenges.   
And then there is a yoga teacher called Adrienne – her hips workout comes highly recommended by the fabulous H! And I really like her gentle, flexible approach. A good starting point for those rediscovering or starting yoga. 
On a more clinical note I’ve also spotted this free exercise program – I’m still going through it but so far it looks like an interesting one!
Have you got a favourite workout that you think everyone should know about? How are you managing staying active without leaving home – reply and let me know

Video in medicine

I’m not the only one! It’s fantastic to see just how many practitioners are adapting their practice to be able to offer clinical support and advice via this new medium that technology offers us. 
Locally, Dr Ana Rosa Jurado, the gynecologist at Dr Triay’s clinic in Nueva Andalucia is offering both video consultations AND home visits as she has a portable ultrasound – or 676467299
Also Family Doctor, Dr Crichton-Smith and his tri-lingual team (French, English and Spanish) at the Atlantic Clinic are also offering video and telephone consultations – 952 817 425
These are wonderful resources if you are concerned about getting to a doctor or are juggling older or younger family members. 
I’ve also been informed that the Salud Responde App that you download onto your phone to book appointments with the Social Services also has a special “Coronavirus” button now.
And that the number to call if you suspect you are infected is 955 54 50 60 (in Andalucia) – please don’t go to the doctor’s surgery as you risk infecting other, at risk, patients. (please be aware that these services may only be available in Spanish). 

Thing that made me think

In amongst so much confusion and possibly boredom during this quarantine why not try a virtual tour of a museum you’ve yet to visit? There’s a list of 12 international museums here and 12 Historical sites here (page in Spanish but the links are big blue boxes so easy to find even if you don’t read the rest of the page!). Perhaps we can all explore and learn even if we can’t leave the house?

Well, that’s it from me this week, I’ll see you next week – same time, same place (my couch for now!) ! 

Let me know your thoughts and be sure to send me any interesting things you find on your travels (virtual only at the moment) that you think I should include!