European Green Party: “Citizens, your time is now!”


Invited by Costa Press Club member Pia Bruun to discuss ‘What is the Green vision for the future of Europe?’ in Fuengirola’s Tetería La Rosa de los Vientos, former Irish Minister for Environment John Gormley and Fuengirola Green Party member Victor Blasco Iturralde gave a bilingual presentation acknowledging the many reasons behind citizens’ disenchantment with and downright apathy towards European institutions, but urging us all to become more involved with EU policies and processes as the only way to improve the situation.

Filmed and questioned by Fuengirola TV exactly four weeks before European Parliament elections on 22–25 May, both descibed how austerity measures implememented over the last five years have seen greater numbers of voters opting for sustainable green policies as a route to economic growth under the new world order.

“Look at the economic situation in Spain, Ireland and elsewhere,” said Mr Gormley. “Citizens want an EU that creates jobs. Referendums on EU membership — hotly debated in Britain, for example — are not the solution, we need to improve Europe by giving Parliament more power to create jobs for all our citiizens.”
Having helped draft the European Citizens’ Initiative enabling up to a million of us to participate directly in EU policy development and launch our own initiatives, Mr Gormley highlighted Investment in a Green New Deal actions to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions, explaining how the growth in green technologies represent genuine opportunities for innovation, job creation and economic growth.

Watching a screening of Gormley’s documentary, “Creating a People’s Europe”, we see him standing in front of The Egg Communication Nest in Brussels, asking: “What type of Europe will it hatch?”

View the film to hear a series of ordinary people and European Green leaders from several countries voicing their opinions on the shape of the post-election EU.

Summing up the presentation, Gormley stressed the Green position: “It’s all about jobs We have big green challenges ahead!”
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