New Yarns for Costa Del Sol

I have been making samples of the new yarns which I have recently received from the Uk and am really excited at how they are knitting up.

Some are really like dolly mixtures with loads of different colours of varying shades which are really super to knit.  I have DK and 4ply which I have been working with.

Busy knitting hats and bedsocks with them at the moment.  I have also been checking out the patterns they are a huge range of sizes as well as really classical and modern touches.  

Just completed a beautiful hat with sequins and mixed colours it looks really lovely.  

Love to share with you all.

If you would like to see any and arrange a meeting of your friends to see them would be happy to come do a show and tell.

Am hoping to put an order if for yarns to be sent to me by the end of May.  So if any one is interested do just give me a shout 952897862 or email me on