European tourism quality strengthens consumer confidence

Ask a random group of people how they’d each spend a €1,000 windfall and nine out of ten will reply, “On a holiday!”

With record hordes of happy holidaymakers hotfooting to the Costa del Sol, the European Commission’s new European Tourism Quality Principles aim to ensure value for money for visitors to Member States and from outside the EU.

One of the most competitive, fastest-changing service sectors, travel and tourism are quality-driven by necessity. Niche encounters offering flexible and affordable flights, accommodation and transport packages feed increasingly demanding customers at every price level.

The Principles cover:
*Training supervised by a quality coordinator
*Effective customer complaints handling
*Cleanliness and maintenance
*Reliable information in the main customer language.

A win-win for consumer and  trade, quality tourism helps travellers differentiate among competing products, make informed choices and overcome language barriers.

Antonio Tajani, European Commission Vice-President and Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, said: “Tourism service providers will be able to assure customers of the high quality of their services, which means a strong competitive advantage for businesses, especially SMEs.”

Rome-born Tajani met Junta de Andalucía President Susana Diaz on his visit to Seville, Zaragoza and Mérida on 3 April.