Facebook Mechanics – The Highlights


Here is an outline of my top-tips when it comes to understanding how Facebook works and how to get it to work for you and not the other way around.  

1. Learn your Tribe’s lingo – use client friendly words to connect with them at their level.  Build the know like and trust factor by being the most awesome person in your industry that will solve all their problems -à buying customer = money

 2. Use the #RuleOf3 to create your content to save you time and stress.

 3. Write for someone not everyoneremember I am a very special person and so are YOU

 4. Use your Facebook Insights to see which content works best for your Tribe – pay particular attention to the Posts section of Insights and look at People to see who your current fans are and where they live. (You can also be insightful in general if it helps)

 5. Pure Organic reach will be more effective long-term when it comes to converting reach to clients =money

 6. Use images and video to complement your content, and this then makes it more appealing to share = more effective reach = more potential clients = money

 7. Check what you look like from someone else perspective on mobile and desktop. Do this for both your profile ad your page. Remember to set your place of work as your Page.

 8. Use the Facebook ‘Superfoods’ to squeeze every drop of organic reach out of the posts = emoticons, Activity (feeling, eating, drinking), checkins, tag products – remember these are the little grey icons in the white space post.

 9. Use the Call To Action posts when delivery a Sales/Specific message (the fancy pants icons that add the Call Now or Send message button to your post with the super cool image)

  10. Connect Business to Business by liking a Page as your Page and chatting wit their tribe and tag other pages in your posts when possible to make the ripple turn into a wave and get extra brownie points from Facebook for being sociable. (See pages feed is in the right hand column on desktop and to like a page B2B use the 3 little grey dots)

If you would like to l.earn more about how to use Facebook for business then please visit my website fionacatchpowle.com


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  1. Thankyou 'super gran' came to mind, for keeping us all on our toes in facebook. love Barbara x

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