Women in Business – Doing it Our Way

Isn’t life funny, with its twists and turns? Two years ago, if you had told me I would be an internationally Accredited Coach with her own business, I would not have believed it. If you had then told me I would have co-authored a book, run international workshops, and be a regular guest on TV and radio, I probably would have laughed. Yet, here I am and now I’m writing to you all through the CW website.


As women, I think we are hugely resilient – yet we do not feel this way about ourselves. We can be our very own worst enemy, we really can. How often have you heard yourself putting yourself down in front of others, whilst “bigging” them up? Or doubting whether you really can, or should, be running your own businesses? Or feeling like you should do better, when in fact you’ve come MILES from where you started – but just forgot to notice? Or, comparing yourself (unfavourably, mind) to other women who just seem not be impacted by any self-doubt and seem to glide through it all? Or, my personal favourite, fear of being judged by others, and letting that one negative feeling get in the way of all the wonderful positives we have said to us, and about, us?


Well, ladies, let’s not do that anymore. Let’s ditch the dumping on ourselves, stand tall and take a moment to acknowledge all the wonderful things are have done – and are doing.


So, here are 5 tips for ditching the self-dumping and standing tall:

  • Celebrate your successes – write down ALL the things you have achieved this year – all of them – and put it up somewhere public in the apartment or house. I bet you put your kid’s certificates up to celebrate their successes– well, put your list up there too.
  • Acknowledge the progress you have made and share it with someone. You’re not boasting or being arrogant by wanting to meet someone to a coffee, hear about their success and share yours.
  • Recognise – YOU did this. Your energy, your passion, your commitment made this happen – be proud of that!
  • Leave the judgers and the moaners – nothing they say is more important than the positive and kind words you hear from others. The people who judge you are always going to be there – yet what they say is NEVER more important than those people who value you, your business and who support you.
  • Every time you feel those negative “I can’t” thoughts DITCH the self-dumping – think of all the compliments and say those out-loud to yourself.


So, you’ve done it your way until now – so keep going! I applaud all your successes and feel very privileged to have had the support, kindness, positivity and warmth of so many Costawomen. Keep doing it your way, because only you can be as amazing as you are!


This is the kind of work of work I do with children, families and schools. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we could empower children and teens to feel good about themselves – so they worried less when they were older and approached life with confidence?


If you’d like your child’s school to have a workshop for children or parents, based on self-esteem, friendship, ignoring negativity – and many other topics – please do get in touch. Please also checkout my Facebook Page, Inspired kidz and join in the fun over there.See you soon!

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  1. Fantastic post Andrea!! We should all remember what we have contributed to this beautiful world and celebrate all of our success´s!!

  2. Lovely to hear your story too... and from our own experience we can inspire others... especially our children, as they are watching ever step we make. love Barbara x

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