Using gratitude to inspire your writing and life

There is lots of research which shows that being grateful changes your perspective and allows energy to flow. A great mental attitude and seeing the good in all (when you can…) is life changing. That’s not to say that there is good in all, we know that. Yet I am still able to send love to the people and situations in the hope that some good will come from it. In others, I take action. However, I digress.

Gratitude doesn’t cost any money, but not being grateful can impact your happiness and creativity. Ask what would you prefer for your life?.

The start to my week and where I have found gratitude

This morning as usual I was woken to the sound of birds chirping with a veritable repertoire of feathered tunes. They sing all day, it is fascinating and beautiful, unlike the sound of bees (wasps, flies, mosquitoes) buzzing or whining. The birds take me to calm, and inspiration and those buzzy (certain of them) things annoy the crap out of me. I am grateful to both, the birds for the reflection and beautiful harmonics and the buzzing for nudging me awake.

Today emerged cool and inviting as I rummaged through my wardrobe to find something to wear.  I have just come back from a yoga retreat and feeling blissed it was hard to get going, let alone choose something to wear.  I am grateful that I have that ‘creature’ inside of me that can and does kick me up the bum.

The clothes I selected were rather bright and not my normal dog walking attire – a reflection of being dogless for the weekend. I live in a remote village and figured that no one would see me looking dazzlingly hippyish, and possibly wondering who is this woman? I am grateful that sometimes I just don’t care what others think.

Typically in the morning when its quiet and no one else is around, I let the dogs out of the house without a lead. They dash like mad things up the tiny street and then come careering towards me and into the field for their ‘you know what.’ Then it’s into the countryside to explore. I adore the way they can explore and find something new to intrigue them every moment of their walk. Sometimes life gets in the way of this childlike exploration and excitement. I am grateful for the way in which they awaken the curious child in me.

Over the last few days, they have been in the kennels, and who knows what they get up to in their kennel, or the conversations they have. When they get home, it is almost a back to basics in ‘I am she who must be obeyed’. We have to relearn some personal discipline. I confess I am as excited as them and so it’s as much for them as for me.  I am grateful for this love and excitement.

The yoga retreat was interesting and raised my awareness about awareness and a new way of looking at life and who we think we are. I loved the debate, the learning and the interaction between the tutors and the attendees. I made new friends and took time for me. I am grateful for new friends, new insights and having my concept of life and who I am challenged.

Where can you find gratitude?

Think back over the week that you have had and what things have happened that make you feel grateful and why. Do tell, I am intrigued.

And finally say thank you

Say thank you for all the great things you have, all of your knowledge, skills and experiences, for the ‘stuff’ that has happened this week which has enriched your life. Don’t forget to laugh at the madness. In that madness you may just find inspiration for a story or two.