Fotos rool, KO?

The positive rapid responses people posted after seeing my ‘This is what we’re here for’ photo is final proof – if needed – images have taken over the web. Text is dead!


Not a good time to be camera-shy, there’s slim chance you’re not snapping and adding to the growing cyberspace art gallery.


Back here on Earth, it’s definitely a good time to be on the Costa del Sol. Fuengirola Ayuntamiento’s ‘Sun City 2014’ Photo Competition highlights the numerous attractions available. There’s a €1,200 prize so why not take part?


Retitled ‘Sun-Day Worship’, my ‘This is what…’ photo is a hot entry (I hope, eyes not on the prize!).


Deadline: 10/9/14


Impulsan el certamen de fotografía Fuengirola Un Sol de Ciudad 2014´, iVecinos,


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