Why you Should Change Your Resumé

When we think of our resumés, it is probably with a sense of dread or frustration. The overwhelming majority of us seem to dislike it, and wish we didn’t need one at all. However, since the majority of jobs offered require us to send a CV or resumé, it makes sense for us to control what goes into it, and how we write it – and that means we retain some of the power in our job seeking.

Using the expression ‘power’ seems anti-intuitive because almost everyone believes that all the power in job hunting lies with the employer. This isn’t true. Not even by a long shot. In reality, job hunting is more equal than we guess, but our mindset while looking for work betrays us, so we voluntarily give up some of our power.

The process of improving your resumé should be aimed at equalising the balance of power, by taking back control of your own destiny and importance while looking for work. This is very important, because most old style chronological CVs actually take away your power as a job seeker.

What happens is that by listing only your work experience and tasks performed within each role, you are reducing yourself to the same level as a serf in medieval Europe, or to put it into a modern context, you’re saying that you’re a task-based machine.

We think you’d agree this definitely isn’t true. It’s likely you have a family, maybe children, friends in your community, you probably have hobbies you enjoy, places you love to visit, interests you study etc. Unless you are a machine, you also have a personality, a sense of humour, a sense of right vs wrong, goals and dreams, and you are loved for being a person.

If your resumé doesn’t allow this aspect of yourself to shine, then you are surrendering your power in the job hunting market. This is why you need to change your CV. And you need to do it today.