Golf in Andalusia

East of Malaga
Golf in Andalusia is big. The ‚Costa Del Sol‘ calls itself ‚Costa del Golf‘ to attract players from all over the world. With 320 days of sunshine each year, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in front and the easy accessible Malaga international airport it’s clearly a winning formula for Golfers.

I am always considering Malaga as the centre of Andalusia’s coast line, diverting the province into ‚east of malaga‘ and ‚west of malaga‘.
East of Malaga = from Malaga to Gibraltar
West of Malaga = from Malaga to Motril (we haven’t explored it further, I must admit)

Talking Golf. West of Malaga you find countless Golf courses alongside with Golf hotels and and Golf shops. Today, I am concentrating on ‚East of Malaga‘, where we have played 4 course along the coast: Parador, Anoreta, Baviera, Los Moriscos.

We played Baviera early this week and very much enjoyed the first round of the year! In January and February I had a shoulder inflammation, and from March we were locked up. The golf courses had reopened May19 after 9 weeks of an entire lockdown in Spain and we were curious to see the course condition.

At Baviera it was a nice surprise! The fairways are in excellent condition, the greens well prepared and easy to play for ladies, too. My shots are not as long as my husbands, therefore I always appreciate a well kept green which allows the ball to run further after hitting the fairway ground.

At a side note: I have been playing Golf for almost 15 years. The first years I hated it! I was not a natural talent and the blo**** ball was never flying. My golf mood improved when we joined a Golf society in London: SEGGS South East Greek Golf Society (not what you think! \ud83d\ude02)! Founded by Greeks living in London, it is today a international group of about 80 people playing Golf mainly in Kent. We had great years with these guys, playing our own Ryder Cup (Brits versus Europeans) and monthly tournaments in the summer; away days in the UK, and away weeks abroad. They even made me Captain of the Society in 2017. It was an honour. Until today I miss the SEGGS society, and my friend Jan who always cheered me up saying „come on Sabine, it’s just a stupid game with a stupid ball“.

Back to Spain. Golf courses are open, and flights with 4 people are allowed. Baviera is in excellent condition, prices are reasonable, we paid Euros100 for 2 players including Buggy. The staff is super friendly, a very warm welcome in the ProShop, and even the gardeners helped us searching for balls. I had the feeling that everyone was happy to be back at work and to see customers returning.

I scored 24 points which is pretty good for me \ud83d\udc4d Baviera is kind of easy to play for players at all levels. I am still playing handicap 36, while René plays 26.

The Parador Golf course is next to Malaga airport which says it all. We played a round last year and didn’t enjoy it. Arriving and departing airplanes every 2 minutes were simply to noisy.

The Anoreta Golf course is close to Rincon de la Victoria, and we have different opinions about it. I like it. It’s more difficult then Baviera, but for me and my abilities it’s good to play. My husband René doesn’t like Anoreta at all, because of its very long holes. René – as mostly all men – does very long drives and shots, and the fairways are long, and hilly. Hence, when you don’t know the course you have no idea where to play to, and you don’t see the ball land. For me, with shorter drives, it’s much easier.

Last but not least, the Los Moriscos Golf is close to Motril. Lovely designed along the beach, and in good -but not excellent- condition when we played last year. The scenic views along the sea are stunning! Definitely a course to play!

If you are a golfer hope you enjoyed reading this article. What I enjoy about Golf is the possibility to play together with your partner, no matter your abilities. Golf courses are designed in beautiful surroundings, you are outside in the nature, and there is hardly any age limit. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider doing it! If you are not a natural talent (like me), if you lose your ball, hit the ground, do an airshot, …. just remember: „it’s just a stupid game with a a stupid ball“.