Brain Fog – is it a real condition or all in our mind?

Brain Fog – is it real?

We all have a bit of fun with our aunts and older sisters, but have you ever wondered if this is a real health condition? It is not mentioned in medical texts books and not really recognized as a condition by many doctors, women often find that they are feeling confused or disorganized, find it hard to focus or forget small things.

Occasionally they cannot put your thoughts into words. It may be hormone-related as this is more common at menopause, but there are also other common reasons behind it all.

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Weight Loss during menopause

There is no doubt that menopause is one of the biggest changes a woman’s body undergoes. Apart from the symptoms it brings, body fat, cellulite, and those extra kilos accumulate in areas that we really don´t want it to!

it seems to appear very rapidly without us noticing, so what can we do, is it impossible to remove this stubborn excess weight and fat?

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Natural Hormone Balance Therapy

Women are aware of the dangers of chemical-based hormone replacement therapies. They continue to research for themselves as to what is good and not good for them.

Dr. John Lee knew what women needed and so now Natural Hormone Balance cream ProgesterAll is available for women worldwide who seek an alternative treatment without the side effects.


How can ProgesterAll help you?

What is Bio-identical cream all about? 

What symptoms are associated with hormone imbalance?

Could my migraine attacks be hormone-related?

Should I take a holistic approach to menopause?

Who is Dr. John Lee?