Hangbags and Shoes

Yes, you did read that right!

Costa Women are launching into the world of Google Hangouts and just for fun, we have nicknamed them Hangbags (rather than Hangouts) and Shoes (Scheduling Hangouts on Air Events 😉

To find out more, watch my chat with Fiona Catchpowle, who is our Chief Hangbag host!

How will Costa Women use the Hangbag sessions?

From next week, all the Costa Women Featured Members will be interviewed via Google Hangouts so you can watch the interview, rather than read it.  This is a benefit to the Featured Member who can share their interview via Youtube with their customers/clients, contacts, friends and family who may not have access to Costa Women.   

Also, so that other Costa Women can join in the fun, we will take some of our Costa Women presentations which have generated a lot of interest and host Hangouts on air for members regardless of where you are based in Spain.  So, if you couldn’t join us for the event, you will still be able to benefit from the information shared by joining us in the Hangbag session, asking questions (if you have a gmail account), or by watching the live recording during, or after on Youtube.  If you watch after, you can of course then watch at whatever time is convenient to you.

My third idea would be to use the hangouts as a place for you to learn how to get the best from using the Costa Women website as well as having networking, or social sessions using Google Hangouts so we can connect some of our members who aren’t able geographically to meet other Costa Women members.  

I look forward to meeting you at a Google Hangbag and Shoe session coming to a computer near you soon!

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