The Question That Will Turn Your Life Around!

The Question That Will Turn Your Life Around!

There is one question that will immediately make a difference to how you feel and think in order to receive the outcome you desire.

But first, if you are faced with a difficult situation, what questions are you asking yourself as how you intend to deal with it.

Do you think about it first, do you rush in to try and sort it out and possibly make matters worse, do you panic, worry, bury our head in the sand hoping it will go away.

The tendency for most people when faced with any difficult situation is to go down a negative route with questions like ‘Why is this happening to me, what have I done to deserve this, it’s all going wrong , what shall I do, help my world is collapsing etc!’

I think many people are caught up in this trap, especially in these challenging economic times. We all tend to attach the same thought process to everything that happens, be it a difficult relationship, trouble at work, a problem with health or any situation that doesn’t work out how you had anticipated or hoped it would. Disappointment, anger, frustration and self pity can quickly come to the surface and before you realise it you are fed up, depressed and generally feel out of control and hopeless.

The negative response tends to be on automatic because that’s the pattern we know, that’s how we react to most things when things ‘go wrong’.

If you take a step back for a minute you can see it’s really a strange logic, but most of us have been programmed to think in this way. From childhood the program has been enforced that things ‘should’ go according to plan and we’re not given any back up plan if they don’t. We’re left hanging in anger and frustration wondering what went wrong, it doesn’t fit the program and we can crash if we’re not careful.

So let’s look at a new program, something positive uplifting and life changing. I don’t like that statement usually but in this case it truly can be. It shifts the energy; it opens up new pathways, and allows the natural positive flow of the universe to perform its miracle.

I’ve tried and tested this system and even when the worst things happen there’s been an almost immediate positive response when I’ve used this statement…

One example that comes to mind I remember in particular where everything appeared to be going pear shaped, nothing terribly drastic but enough to make me feel frustrated and angry. Running a bit late for an appointment I  got into my car to find a flat battery, I’d forgotten to recharge my mobile phone so couldn’t phone for help, it then started raining, and to top it all I hadn’t been to the bank and had no money on me, and I was expected at a meeting in half an hour.  I was faced with quite a few challenges, not life threatening but enough for me to perhaps get annoyed!

Now I’m a Life Coach I ‘should’ be able to handle this without getting in a fluster, so lots of deep breaths and this question ‘What if it all went right’ shot into my head, ‘What if it all went right’  is it that simple?

Now you might laugh but even as you say it you can’t help but smile because it’s contrary to what you usually think. It gives your a brain a paradigm shift and the negative connections have nowhere to go. Immediately you feel differently and see the humour of your particular dilemma.

Well that’s exactly what happened I started laughing. I was getting soaked; I had no phone and had an important meeting to get to, but What if it all went right? I heard a car horn and there was a friend who I hadn’t seen for about two years pulling up in front of me! It turned out she had been trying to get hold of me to discuss a possible business idea and had lost my number, and here I was in the pouring rain needing to be rescued, both our needs were met!

Now when those kinds of things keep happening you can’t say it’s just a coincidence, it’s what Deepak Chopra would call Synchronicity. It’s the Universe giving us what it’s got to give if only we would let it.

Many people think that we have to do battle with the Universe. This is a complete erroneous concept; the thing we’re doing battle with is our own programmed patterns of negatives beliefs and responses. 

The brain is usually programmed to go to the ‘oh help its all going wrong’ wave length, which takes the energy down that compounds the negative input, for example ‘I told you so’ or ‘I knew that would happen’ or ‘nothing ever goes right for me, I’m fated’ etc. This just keeps attracting more of the same and the problem persists.

‘What if it all went right’ is like an arrow splitting the whole pattern into tiny fragments whilst the positive feeling is getting a grip and changing the whole direction.

It’s so simple, such a little turn of the dial and you get clarity, you get a space to alter your energy and allow the universe to do its thing.

When you get so indentified with a problem you lose the ability to see clearly, the problem can dominate everything you do. The stress and worry of something can keep you up all night, make you ill and cause umpteen problems because you get blinded by the situation.

In order for there to be change you have to loosen up and let go and allow the Divine Intelligence, Universal God to operate. The lovely saying ‘where’s there’s a problem there’s always a solution’ is absolutely true, it’s a law of the Universe. But you’ll never find that solution whilst you’re snared in the trap and locked in the problem.

Arming yourself with positive tools which you can draw on at any time is essential if you want things to move forward in a productive way. Reprogramming your self talk and your thoughts and feelings changes your whole state of being and releases you from the clutches of the negative. You raise your vibration and open up channels where the miracles lay.

It’s a bit like taking off in an aeroplane on a cloudy day, as the plane ascends and you break through the thick cloud into the clear blue sky you can see really clearly, it’s a wonderful feeling. Imagine having that clarity and focus in all that you do how different your life would be? You can then say ‘How does it get any better than this?’ You invite the Divine, the Universe to increase its abundance in all that you do. Remember the saying’ Be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it’ This is the true ‘law of attraction’ If you understand this principal you will never go wrong.

Give yourself some space from the problem; break the chain of the negative pattern by throwing it off balance – ‘What if it all went right’ relax, let go and let Divine Intelligence take over and see what happens. I assure you, you will surprise yourself.

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