On Mindfulness

I feel all the time, even if my mind doesn’t think about it. My body senses constantly the environment, my senses receive signals even if majority of them are ignored by my intelligent mind. The mind chooses those signals that for some reason are important to it and ignores others.

Why some are important and others are not is contained in a story of my life. Living is learning what is good for me and what is not, what is serving the purpose of survival and what is not, what should be hidden and ignored and what should be noticed.

Only that sometimes this knowledge becomes outdated, no longer valid or may be a burden to me, because it makes me behave in a way that no longer serves my best.

The mind got stuck to an old memory of an experience, created an idea around it and won’t leave it, and my nervous system created a protective behaviour around this experience and won’t leave it either. It simply will not recognize that the environment has changed, that I have grown and that these new circumstances need a different approach. So how to talk to this stubborn energy system, how to show and prove to it that what was thirty years ago is no longer here. You know my answer: meditation, because meditation drops thinking and gets beck to seeing and sensing the environment as it is now, not years ago and not years in the future, but simply now.

And when I can see it as it is, if I can sense it as it is now, if I can be enlightened to the reality, it will be easier for me to shake off all these useless programs and behaviours of the past that simply blocks my life now. That’s why I meditate. It is the shortest and gentlest way to an important change.

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  1. Maggie Strodder

    After coping with 2 family deaths and 2 friends deaths since January was recommended to read the book "Full Catastrophe Living" author Jon Kabat-Zinn by a McMillian nurse....
    It deals with how to cope with stress, pain & illness using mindfulness meditation. A big book but full of interest.

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