How I healed by helping others

I was inspired by Natasha at last weeks meeting in La Cala who spoke to us about the power of blogging and I wrote this, my first blog.

How I healed by helping others

Of course we all know the personal benefits to our lives by helping others without expectation of anything in return. The feelings of joy and happiness the ‘feel good factor’. But I’d like to talk to you about the physical benefits and my experience recently. Let me begin by giving you a little background information first.

In May 2019 I had an accident which resulted in a fracture in one of my vertebrae which was healing wonderfully with the help of my Osteopath Manuel. However towards the end of January this year I was doing some exercise recommended to support my healing and help me to stay strong, when i damaged my back yet again. I was back in tremendous pain which I couldn’t get under control despite acupuncture and medication and self-healing. I was becoming despondent and a little depressed, not only with the pain but because I couldn’t seem to help myself and the painkillers weren’t working either. I persevered with some gentle walking, rest and the application of heat.

At this time I was in the middle of trying to set up my new business as a Holistic practitioner. Yes I hear you all cry …. ‘surely you can heal yourself’ and yes giving myself healing would usually assist me in the healing process but not this time. It was getting nearer to the day when I would launch my new business and I had six clients booked in for healing. However, the Universe stepped in and to my dismay three of my clients couldn’t come for their appointments. This left me with large gaps between clients. So what could I do?

I decided to go with the flow and not fight against it´┐╝, after all I couldn’t control the situation. The three clients that came for treatments were very supportive of my work and the gaps between clients allowed me to take some time in between to rest. Painkillers taken that morning seemed to be helping somewhat and I was reasonably comfortable as I worked. My choice to go with the flow was crucial as I was able to step aside and allow the greater forces that were at work to do their thing. Had I been angry and frustrated, that would have blocked all the benefits I would receive through healing and my clients wouldn’t have had the wonderful experiences they had. That evening I left for home on a high and happy in the knowledge that I’d completed a good days work.

The next day I work up and couldn’t believe that I was almost painfree. I have been painfree several times over the past week. What brought about healing on this level is very simple, as I channeled healing to my clients, I received healing at the same time. This is a naturally occurring benefit of doing this work. However, what tipped the balance in my favour, I believe, is that the sessions I offered to my clients were free and for no monetary gain (a taster if you like of the skills I had to offer). Though what I gained was worth so much more than money, it was relief and ease and gratitude and a heart filled with love and a knowing that I am on the right path and if I surrender to Universe I am fully supported at the highest level. Now I’m not saying we should work for free after all we all have to earn a living. I’m sharing my story as I had such a profound experience with a very beautiful and positive outcome.

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