How To: Add an RSS feed for Costa Women content

One of the questions you have been asking lately is how to add an RSS feed for content which is posted to Costa Women.  RSS means “Really Simple Syndication” and provides a summarised text of new content added to the website (you can also use it to keep a track of your favourite blogs, websites etc. by using the same method)  

Here are some instructions using a Google account and Google Reader as the RSS feed reader. For ease, or if you use a different RSS feed, the Costa Women feed url is feed://  Let me know if you have any questions:-

Google’s instructions for setting up a Reader can also be found here:-

2 thoughts on “How To: Add an RSS feed for Costa Women content”

  1. Hi Ali - I'm afraid I can't make head or tail of what this is about...  No pasa nada, I've managed up to now without having RSS Feed in my life so...!  Thanks for your help anyway.  Jx

  2. What a shame Jean.  I've sent you a message about catching up on Skype; hope you received it.  Let me know when works for you and perhaps we can get you up and running a bit better.
    Ali x

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