Humankind is Evolving SuperQuantum… AND You are no exception



This last weekend’s Full Moon and Spring Equinox next weekend are powerful opportunities to be aware of how Earth and All Humankind continue to be bombarded with high vibration light energy. It is all part of a great phenomenon, the Shift of Consciousness that is naturally changing our magnetics, clearing out old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us and opening our hearts to the infinite flow of pure love that during our Human experience we have closed ourselves off from. We can all best take this time to observe and feel what is going on within our own Body and Mind.


Especially catching ourselves judging, worrying, doubting, moaning, being victimised and miserable… and consciously choose to stop it. Why? If truth be told, back in 2012 our enslavement, our ties to this fearful and limited dual world of survival of the fittest and smartest have been severed. It’s only our old beliefs in lack, disease and getting old that stand in our way. We are free now to choose to be the Sovereign Master and Creator we have always been (but never knew it)… and recreate ourselves anew as we each desire to live out our dreams.


One heart at a time, Humankind is naturally waking up to the realisation of Spirit stirring tirelessly within and integrating with the Human. Have you not felt this movement of energy within? Some how or other your body/mind is feeling this awakening. You probably don’t realise your heightened physical discomfort and extreme chronic pain… nervousness, double/quadruple sight, headaches, hearing voices, itchy burning skin, tiredness, nauseous and joints on fire… to name but a few… are all symptoms of integration, the burning away of everything that no longer serves you. Your physical body/mind is changing from carbon based to crystalline based and is evolving from singular to multi-dimensional. From Human to DivineHuman. Yes I realise it’s a lot to take on board… this is ludicrous, is it not? but I know your heart resonates with this truth.


Do I hear you ask… What can I do to ease and fix myself?
Just be aware, observe and feel your Body and Mind. Allow yourself to relax and begin a new relationship with yourself. Embrace and love yourself unconditionally. Understand that this discomfort is shouting loud for you to pay attention and to love yourself no matter what. When you are at peace with yourself and no longer busy fighting, fixing and controling, your old patterns, memories, beliefs can be released and transformed. Know that your Spirit is in soul charge of this action, absorbing your Human self and as one Body Consciousness; Body, Mind & Spirit, you are being born anew.


Humankind is evolving SuperQuantum… AND you are no exception. It’s time for YOU to either choose to follow the scientists and big egos who continue to perfect the Human race with pills and artificial intelligence or allow your Spirit to lead you into new pastures. It’s all naturally happening, there is nothing to do except… choose to stop playing the game. Playing the victim, poor me, ms miserable role because you believe you’re powerless and doomed. This is no longer true, old fearful energy consciousness is obsolete, it can no longer work. Love has come to save the day, your All Powerful and Magnificent Divine Self is now guiding you further beyond the mind and physical reality into unknown multi-realities… If you allow. Remember you have freewill, you are that powerful… you have a choice. I ask you to choose to be well, sovereign and empowered.



A long time ago at the beginning of my own journey awakening, I met Ian Graham who channels White Bull and I remember his book of spiritual parables, God is Never Late… but never early either. One story inparticular made a great impression, a story of how Humankind would incarnate not just once but twice in this lifetime. I wondered for many years how this would be possible, until I realised they had meant the great shift of consciousness that is indeed happening now.


The Human Body/Mind expanding to embrace Spirit… Spirit expanding to embrace the Human. Together as one Body Consciousness. The Human allowing total seduction… Spirit absorbing all the cellular memories of the accumulation of ancestry… of biology… of everything except the essential essence of true Human love and wisdom. The Body Consciousness crystallising under an array of light… transforming all darkness and being born ANEW. Humankind evolves SuperQuantum. The incarnation of the DivineHuman Being is nigh.


I have a dream that one day ManKind
will become know as KindMan and
that throughout the universe Planet
Earth will become Planet Kindness
~ White Bull


If you would like to read more about our Human Evolution, my post back in April 2014 Lunar Eclipses talks about it in more detail and my friend Heather wrote a great book on How the Solar Flares help YOU evolve sharing her interest and ongoing research of our mass physical, emotional and mental symptoms. You can also download and read these two free e-books my Divine Brothers/Sisters and myself created about our own awakening and how we allowed ourselves to flow with our Divinity.    A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part I     A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II


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