Journey of a Clean 9 body cleanse.

Journey of a Clean 9

What is a Clean 9?
Many of you may have heard about the ‘Clean 9’ but are maybe not sure what it is?

This cleanse for your body follows a structured daily programme, designed to help you kickstart your journey to a slimmer, healthier you and provide the perfect starting point for transforming your diet & fitness habits. Based around Forever Living’s bestselling Aloe Vera Gel drink, this nutritionally-balanced programme will allow you to see results in just 9 days.

Why is it different to any other cleanse or detox?
Toxins enter your body through junk food, burnt food, air pollution, lotions & topical creams, medication, smoking & pesticides.
The liver, kidneys, skin & lungs work to eliminate toxins. Aloe Vera itself doesn’t do the eliminating for us, it helps these organs work properly so they can eliminate the toxins much more efficiently.
It’s less about “you are what you eat” and more about “you are what you absorb”.
90% of the immune system centres around the gut. Therefore a healthy gut = a strong immune system.

What does the Clean 9 consist of?

The pack contains Aloe Vera drinking gel, protein shakes (choose between vanilla or chocolate) and 3 supplements; Therm (for energy), Garcinia (which helps to suppress appetite) and fibre sticks. More on those below.

What happens throughout the 9 days?

Before you start, you make notes of your weight & body measurement (many take photos to record a visual difference too).

The first 2 days are the intensive cleansing days. A bit of willpower is needed, as you are only allowed the products in the box we mentioned, alongside various fruit & vegetables from a free food list (such as apples, strawberries etc). However you are nutritionally getting everything your body requires.

Days 3-9 you follow the plan in the same way, but add a 600 calorie meal in the evening. There is a detailed instructions booklet included in the box, including suitable recipe ideas as a guide. The meals can be anything you choose, as long as it’s ‘clean’ unprocessed food. No tea / coffee / alcohol is allowed throughout, just water or decaffeinated herbal teas ideally. Actually 600 calories can be a big plate of food if it’s healthy, as the ‘free food’ fruit & vegetables do not count within the 600 calories either. So you are far from starving yourself! Some people choose to split the calorie allowance between lunch & dinner.

On completing the 9 days, many customers report feeling fantastic & full of energy. It clears the toxins out of your body (the average person stores 8lb of toxins!) so afterwards you can absorb the nutrients in what you eat much more efficiently. Customers often notice a difference to their skin, hair, nails and much more too.

Comparing the before & after photos & body measurements will leave a smile on your face too!

What are each of the products designed to do?

Forever Aloe Vera Drinking gel
• Aids healthy digestion & speeds up gut transit.
• Balances gut flora
• Increases absorption of nutrients, particularly protein (which builds lean muscle easier)
• Regulates the immune system
• Great natural tonic
• Facilitates the elimination of toxins.

How to carry on taking the gel after Clean 9: One 60 ml shot in the morning, this helps to speed up the metabolism also.

Forever Ultra Lite shakes with Aminotein
• Act as meal replacements, one drink will nourish you 50% of the total daily allowance of vitamins & minerals
• Blend of plant enzymes that break down the amino acids inside protein so they can be absorbed more easily & quickly.
• 13g per scoop with water or 24g with milk
• Soy is sustainable. Contains oestrogen.
• Encourages new muscle tissue & old

How to take after clean 9: Mix one scoop with 300ml of skimmed/almond/coconut milk. Use as a meal replacement (instead of breakfast lunch or dinner), after the gym or first thing in the morning.

Garcinia Plus
• Slows down the conversion of carbs into fats
• Suppresses the appetite by raising serotonin levels.
• Serotonin curbs appetite & sugar cravings as well as improving moods (great for emotional eaters)
• Boosts metabolism by tapping into fat stores for fuel.
• Lowers blood cholesterol & blood pressure

How to take after Clean 9: Take 2 supplements before any big meal (preferably 20mins before) or 1 supplement before a small meal.

Forever Therm
• Therm stands for” themorgenesis” which literally means “to burn fat”
• Contains the herb “guarana” which is naturally occurring source of caffeine. Reduces appetite & increases metabolism when combined with green coffee beans & green tea.
• Green coffee bean blocks fat & helps to regulate blood sugar levels
• Green tea increases the number of fat calories burned
• Caffeine is NOT a toxin, it is a stimulant.

The body uses carbohydrates first for energy, then fat and then protein. Forever Therm helps the body eat carbs and fat quicker & uses the protein as energy.

How to take: After meals, and before exercise as it gives you more energy

Forever Fibre
• It is a blend of 4 soluble fibres
• Fiber acts like a sponge which mops up any leftover fat & passes through

How to take after the Clean 9: leave some time between supplements as it will absorb the supplements. Take in between meals ie: between breakfast & lunch.

All these products can also be sold seperately.

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