We all go through different phases in our lives.  When we are babies, everything is new and, we want to discover the world around us.  When we are teenagers we have so many noticeable and hormonal changes that we are often told, “It´s OK you are just going through a phase – it will pass!”   And when we get older, we sometimes hit another phase where we are dissatisfied with life or perhaps we are burnt out, and want to make some major changes for the sake of our physical and mental wellbeing.   There are many more phases that we go through in life, some we probably don´t even notice or identify with.

“I´m just going through a phase right now.  Everybody goes through phases and all, don´t they?” – J D Salinger

However, at the moment we are all going through phases of a different nature.  These phases, we have no control over, but changes to our lifestyles have been dictated to us to help us stay safe and progress through these phases to reach the “new normal”.

Throughout this period of lock-down and Phases 0 and 1, I have certainly gone through a phase of “self-rediscovery”.   Due to the enforced time at home, I have been lucky enough to have had the time to learn new skills and keep myself busy, motivated and interested.  I know many who have struggled.

“I´m going through a phase where I´m really accomplishing a lot of things and in that is everything I´ve learned” – John Frusciante

From tomorrow, we move through to Phase 2 as thankfully we continue to see the rate of infection and deaths slowing down.  I have been moved by the respect for social distancing and time frames allowed for exercise – especially among the teenagers I have seen around here.  It must have been especially hard for them.    Although we will have greater freedom, there are still many of us that are afraid to go out and socialise, and have said they prefer to stay home until we have completed all phases.    This seems to be mainly the elderly, however, in the UK even my friend´s daughter who had been invited to a day out with friends for a few drinks, decided instead to go for a picnic with her boyfriend, as she thought that after a few drinks, her friends might relax their social distancing, and she didn’t want to feel at risk.  I also admit, I do feel a little anxious when I have been to Mercadona, even though numbers inside the supermarket are limited and everyone has masks and gloves.  I suppose, like anything else, these feelings will pass in time and we will get used to how things will be again.

Under Phase 2, we are now able to have social gatherings of up to 15 people and there are no restrictions on outdoor activity.  We will now be able to go hiking in the woods or take a day trip to the countryside, as long as it´s within our province.  Children and adults will be able to go for walks and practice individual sports, such as running or cycling, in any part of the province, with no limit on time of distance. Also, there is no limitation on the number of times per day that we can go out to do these activities.

The only restriction that will remain in place is the time slots people over 70 and the vulnerable, which will continue to be from 10am to 12pm, and from 7pm to 8pm.

Those who have not shared the same household during lock-down are still advised to maintain safe distances and routine hygiene measures.

What is the one thing you can´t wait to do as we move into this next phase?  One of the main things I am looking forward to being able to do, is to relax on the beach with my boyfriend.  I have no idea, how that is going to work, or whether that will be allowed in Phase 2.  Here are some pictures taken from beaches in France.


Some things to remember when you are going through a tough phase!

  • Everything can – and will – change!
  • You have overcome challenges before
  • It´s a learning experience
  • Not getting what you want, can sometimes be a blessing
  • Allow yourself to have some fun
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Other people´s negativity is not worthy of your time or energy
  • There is always, always, always something to be thankful for

What phases have you been going through recently?  Has lock-down made you cautious or more desperate to get back to normal?