International Women’s Day 2020 – Meet the Speakers (Part 1)

In the first of our ‘Meet the Speakers’ Series we will meet the first three of Speakers for our 8th International Women’s Day Conference, taking place on 12 March.  Find out more about the Conference, meet all the speakers and book your place here


The Conference has been arranged for the 6th year running in association with 1230 The Women’s Company so the first introduction is for Jackie Groundsell.  Jackie is known as the ‘Connector’, a Powerhouse for women, because she literally thinks in terms of connections. She always knows someone who will help you move closer to achieving your goals. Her little black book is littered with influential people across all walks of life.

Long before networking events became popular, Jackie was laying the foundations for the now successful 1230 TWC (The Women’s Company) a business women’s network uniting women across the UK through shared experiences and training.  Jackie will be running our super lively power speed networking session at the Conference. 


As the Queen of women’s business networking lunches since 2002, Jackie supports thousands of small business owners through her events, conferences and lunch-time meetings. Chair of her local business association – Beckenham Business Association she reaches even further to guide and support business owners and decision makers. Jackie is a Connector, Trainer, International Speaker, Mentor and Networker; providing business meetings wherever there are business women, plus speed networking for everyone – pink, red, purple hair is optional!

Jackie would love to hear from you!


Next meet Carole Pyke – The Brand Storyteller

It only takes a spark to get the fire going and Carole will be setting those sparks!  At the Conference, she will explore the key elements that make you S. P. A. R. K. L. E

– Story, Passion, Authentic voice, Resources, Know-how, Leadership, Experience

– so you stand out and shine, illuminating the path in front of you and lighting the way for the people you serve so they can follow your lead and find their way.

Make this the year you position yourself for increased impact, influence and income by discovering the story you tell and the value it brings to the people you serve, developing the narrative and delivering your brand of awesome to the world.

Your personal brand is the story you tell the moment you show up and all before you utter a single word. It is the thing that others connect and engage with. 2020 is the year to show up authentically and unapologetically on purpose. It is time to Make It Happen!


About Carole

Carole is a marketing strategist, coach, international speaker and two times stroke survivor. Combining enthusiasm with creativity, intuition and 30+ years of marketing expertise Carole helps her clients connect more powerfully with their awesome, unlock the value of their personal brand and position themselves for increased impact, influence and income.

Otherwise known as The Personal Brand Storyteller Carole believes it only takes a Spark to set your personal brand on fire. She has recently launched The Personal Branding SPA (core of the word Spark) as the place for brands to reflect, refresh, recharge and find their spark.




The third and final speaker for today is Angèle Cristina – a strong female entrepreneur who loves to help women discover their true powers. Her buzzing energy makes them believe they can do it. She loves to see them become the best version of themselves, is a powerful public speaker, a camera confidence coach and an Online TV Show Host. Angèle is from the tiny island of Malta where she used to be a drama teacher and TV presenter. She then moved to Ireland for 4 years and that is where her online business WOW or Wondrous Online Women was born. Today, she lives in Malaga, Spain.



Angèle says:-

We are all powerful beings. However many times we doubt ourselves. This happens to the best of us, actually, to be honest with you, this happens to ALL of us. This is part of our growth as business women, as entrepreneurs. The path is not easy, so on the way, we try to grab to anything which we think will work for us. I have to share, you are not alone on this one. It truly is a learning curve. In my speech, I will be sharing what you need to let go of, put in place and get sorted, in order to start stepping into your true power which you already have. Many times, in business, we tend to think and think and overthink. I am witness that even though this might work for some, I have an easier and more personalised way with which you can better your life and your business this 2020. I cannot wait to share my simple (but not necessarily easy) tips with which you can catapult your life and biz to infinity and beyond. Allow me to help you Step into Your Power.


Find out more about the International Women’s Day Conference, meet the remaining Speakers and book your place here

More speakers profiles to follow next week!