Invisible women

For those who read SUR in English newspaper, it’s good news that the King of Spain congratulated it on its 75th anniversary (SUR cover story, July 27th to August 2nd).

The bad news is the all-male line-up indicating that none of the top 18 positions are occupied by women.

Not only is this shocking and depressing, but, of all possible industries, for a media company not to recognise the negative image this portrays is deeply disturbing.

Sadly this is the reality of many industries and companies the world over. NOT acceptable in our modern age.

2 thoughts on “Invisible women”

  1. And also sad there wasn't a mention of Joan Davies who started the Sur in English with her husband 28 years ago either...

  2. Precisely.
    I wanted to add to Liz "Why weren't you or especially Joan invited to attend?'
    Thanks for interesting Canada stats - who'd have thought they lagged so behind?
    Is the situation getting steadily worse or marginally better for women these days??? Hmmm.

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