June 2021 Challenge – Try Something New for 30 days!

First I would like to thank Ali Meehan for the motivation 🙂 

I’m drawing mandalas since a few years and almost one year I’m giving Mindfulness Based Mandala Workshops. Since a while I wanted to try out a different style and here is a short summary of my June Challenge. 

In the beginning I had the idea it will be a simple task which won’t take too much time till it got harder and harder.
About 6 months ago I tried my first “One Line Mandala” inspired by one line art. Since then in my head I want to try it out and not knowing that I just got stuck in the thinking mode of ‘how should I implement it?’. (and the time passes … ).

So I used the challenge to experiment and practice my curiosity. While I was doing that and I was sure that I found ‘my way’, next realization: I was working out of auto-pilot after I did a ‘mistake’. Day 10. First thought – oh what should I do? First reaction I wanted to revert it! Calming down and accepting the situation I discovered that actually I love my new style and how it took it’s own shape.

Second half of the month. I was getting lazy and forgetting it but pushing myself to continue even after midnight sleepy and demotivated and against my mind, which was telling me: ‘you’re late, the day is over’, ‘skip one day, only one,…’.

Day 22 – the month felt so long.. I really wanted to skip that day. I know it’s sounds strange, in the end it’s just a simple mandala drawing,.. but the mind turned it already into a big deal. This inner fight between doing and not doing it, next realization: Why I’m putting so much pressure on me? (= why I’m practicing!! to put pressure on myself?) I allowed myself to enjoy a few minutes, that’s why there is only one open circle.

Day 26 turned into a more simple One Line Mandala compared to Day 1, which was too intense, this happened because I tried the new technique with the old information. So I gave myself space to gain new experiences, which you can see in the following days.

The last one on Day 30 just summarizes the whole challenge. Hope, joy, flow in the “dark” times in the “mistakes“. One drop (one intention – one step) helps us to move on, discover and create our own beauty.

On my website you can see all my mandalas of the challenge ordered from Day 1 – Day 30. 


further information of Mindfulness Based Mandala Workshop https://elsurneb.art/mindfulness