Life in Spain – Answering your Questions?

In our latest informative webinar, Ali Meehan, Founder of Costa Women and was joined by a group of experts to talk about the changes to residency post Brexit. Listen to information and advice from My Lawyer in Spain, Blacktower Financial Management, and Masa International

Relevant for all non-EU Nationals.

Watch the video for more information:-






Alex Radford of My Lawyer in Spain explained

  • how you can now become a resident of Spain if you are a non-EU national.  
  • The paperwork you need to provide.
  • The options for UK Nationals who were in Spain before 31st December 2020.
  • The Golden Visa Scheme

Alex was recently quoted in Pisos website suggesting that pressure could be put on the UK/Spanish Government to convert to a Norway style agreement.  Ali asked him if he thought it was too late for this to change?


Tim Govaerts of Blacktower Financial Management discussed the changed which he had seen post Brexit for people investing in Spain.

Ali asked how the investments and the financial markets behaved lately and how did he expect them to behave going forward? As well as any tips.



Sharon Hitchcock of shared the very special Costa Women offer for mobile phone chips including a charitable donation to Bancosol Alimentos on behalf of our community.


Paul Payne of Masa International shared his thoughts on the property market before the end of the transition period and now.




Questions from Costa Women members included:-


To My Lawyer in Spain:-

1. My family and I are hoping to move to Spain to work for 6months plus and was wondering if anyone has any experience of a temporary move? My husband was born in Madrid and moved back to Scotland at age 5 but has always yearned to go back on a more lengthy basis (of course we have holidayed in this wonderful country many times).


2. I have proof of living in Spain before the end of the transition period in the form of my tenancy agreement which commenced on October 31st but has now expired at the end of January as I returned to the UK to visit family and am stuck here but my landlady has held my deposit and my tenancy will resume at the same address as soon as I am able to return. I paid my rent via my bank account.

I did not have health care in place before 31st December because I was in the UK, will this prevent me from submitting my application now or will it be sufficient to have it in place at the time of making my application? The reason I haven’t started my application yet is because I thought I would be able to return to Spain before 31st December but covid rules changed and made that impossible.

My rented property is in Malaga. My financial means would be lump sum of the required amount in my bank account at the time of application.

Please can you advise me how to proceed?


3. How can we I stay for more than 3 months? Every year we try to stay in Malaga for the entire winter. 5 months or so.

The Schengen agreement only allows US citizens to stay for 3 months and then we need to leave for 3 months to stay again. We are retired, have no intention of working in Spain. Recently, we read that there is a bi-lateral visa which would allow me to stay for up to 6 months and it states it is easy to obtain.  For 2 years, we try to reach the Spanish Embassies in the US and we never get anyone to respond.


4. How can you get a work visa as a non-Eu National?


5. Now that the UK have left the EU, and we are not yet resident, when we apply can we still register our S1 forms and use the state health care system as retirees?


6. I hear that you can have a retrospective Golden Visa.  How does that work?


7. We’ll be moving to Spain but still ‘working’ in UK… what do we need to do in terms of visa and tax etc.


8. Under the self employed visa criteria is there a minimum income level like there is if we are employed by an English company as a full time employee?

9. If two people from the UK are resident here and have had a baby, can the baby qualify for a Spanish passport and citizenship?

10. Is there a difference between the SIP and Tarjeta Sanitaria or is there a different card for people resident in Spain that covers them for healthcare when travelling in Europe.


11. My daughter has a bar and had an inspection. they have now to present paperwork as seemingly her staff member although she has residency they were told that was not enough for her to be working legally in Spain – they were told it must be the TIE


12. As a US citizen, if I have enough savings to qualify for the non lucrative visa, can I theoretically still work remotely, or is that not allowed?


13. Bank Account question – I am concerned about my UK bank account and want to move my money to a Spanish bank account. What is the minimum requirement to open an account? Monthly payments? Opening balance?



Questions to BLACKTOWER:

1. I have an account in Gibraltar – has anything changed with bringing money over the Spain


2. I’m worried about my private pensions in the UK after Brexit, anything I need to do?


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