What your doctor may not tell you



My story and how it all began

We really appreciate our family doctor and medical specialists but have you ever thought out “what your doctor may not have told you” Well yes it sounds absurd.

My personal experience was when I went to the gynecologist in my early 40´s and mentioned I had a 3-day migraine before my period and then 3 – 4 days migraine mid-cycle. She told me to stop eating cheese, drinking coffee, and red wine. Of course, at this point, she was treating me for migraines, but not a hormonal migraine.

I said to her that I only ate cottage cheese, in Spain known as Questo de Burgos, and drank the occasional shandy, a weak gin & tonic, English tea in the morning, and water all day. “Oh”, she replied. She gave me Estriodil ẞ and told me to apply it daily.

I began to investigate myself into natural hormone balance…..

I read a book that was written by Dr. John Lee, I read it from cover to cover and it opened my eyes to reality. What women needed was Progesterone Cream. I had to get some.

The Book that changed my life 


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