Life in Spain – Did we answer your Questions?

This week, we ran a free webinar about ‘Life in Spain’ and were joined by various Costa Women Sponsors, Experts and friends to talking about living in Spain. 

During the first 30 minutes, our experts answered the questions which you submitted prior to the webinar and then we had a Q&A session.  



Topics covered


Alex Radford one of the founding Partners of – MLS and owner of Legal Services in Spain answered:-

  • What is an NIE and why do I need one?
  • What are the steps currently for becoming a resident in Spain? 
  • If I don’t want to become a resident, how long can I stay here? 
  • Why do we need to be on the padron? 
  • How will the 90 days in 180 days rule work?
  • Do you have any idea what will happen for UK nationals post 31st December 2021? (driving licences, residencia amount etc.)


Ignacio Ortega – Regional Sales Manager of Currencies Direct which covers the Costa del Sol and Canary Islands answered 

  • How long have Currencies Direct been in Spain and how is it licenced?
  • We are hearing UK banks are closing accounts.  What options do you offer for people getting their pensions, or regularly payments from another currency to Euro? 
  • And sending funds to Spain and back to home country – how do you save money using Currencies Direct?


Tim Govaerts – Associate Director – Blacktower 

(Lucia Melgarejo, International Financial Adviser, is our Costa Women Representative at Blacktower)

  • How can people that live here prepare financially for Brexit?
  • How has your advice changed because of Brexit?
  • I’m worried about my private pensions/ ISAs in the UK after Brexit, any tips you could give us?
  • I’ve been living in Spain since beginning of 2020 and have my affairs managed by my UK IFA.  I believe you don’t have to do anything else,  am I right?
  • How have investments and the financial markets behaved lately and how do you expect them to behave going forward? Any tips you can give?



Sarah Hartley, Costa Women Representative of Meridiano who offer both funeral plans and funeral insurance

  • How do Funerals differ in Spain from other countries?  
  • Do people have to be buried within 24 hours? 
  • What is the current situation during Covid?  
  • How can I protect myself and my family from unexpected costs?
  • Basic costs of a funeral
  • If I move back to my home country, what happens with the funeral plan?


We then moved on to a Q&A

Guests asked

  • What is the criteria for determining residence? Is it financial, or something else?
  • I have my green residency card. Is there a necessity to get the new TIE?
  • If you have an Irish passport does that make you a resident?
  • Timing – is it better to start residence process before Brexit? what are the risks for waiting until after?
  • It’s impossible to get an appointment to exchange my driving license – is there any plans for an extension to this exchange process?
  • If husband and wife are applying together for residencia do they have to show individually 9K assets and 850 each?
  • Can you stay in Spain for less than 6 months then go back to the UK? Can you come back to Spain straight away? or how long do you have to wait?
  • Is the process for renewing your Spanish driving license simple, and how far before expiry should you start the process?
  • I have a green residency A4 sheet which does not state permanent do I have to get a TIE card before end of December 2020?
  • If you are only staying for 6 months do you have to apply for the driving licence?
  • What is the online info for the TIE plus the online info for renewing Spanish driving license
  • If you have a green card that doesn’t say ‘permanente’ what are the requirements to get a permanente or the tie?
  • Currencies Direct – Do you have preferential exchange rates? what is today’s rate?
  • Meridiano Funeral Plans What about cremation?  Does that exist in Spain?


Watch the video for answers to all of the above



To contact the Experts on the call please follow the below links:-

Alex Radford


Web: My Lawyer in Spain


Ignacio Ortega


Web: Currencies Direct


Tim Govaerts


Lucia Melgarejo:

Website: Blacktower Financial Management



Sarah Hartley


Website: Meridiano


Costa Women also created – a website with 35 plus interviews with experts about moving to and living in Spain.