Mini Ecoaldea for women 2

Hi Costa women!. I wanted to explain other possibilities for women than would like to live in community, but with its own space in Spain.

There is the chance to integrate a little group of women among an already created multi-gender eco project on Canary islands. By buying 1 hectare by 100.000e and place small but confortable portable individual houses.

A similar option on south Portugal,but instead of buying, in this case would be a kind of renting of a space on the main plot and space to plant vegetables and trees… by 1300e per year.

And of course if we gather a little group of us, it could be open to other possibilities and even buy a piece of land and build our own little eco self-sufficient project.

I hope I get to find some of you, that could have been now on the place and situation on their lives, to engage on such a project, and get to enjoy life on a new different kind of family, on a secure space, being able to self-sustain us.

Many thanks to Costa Women again, that brings me the incredible chance to reach some of you, that could be interested in this possibility right now!.

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