Mini Ecoaldea for women

 Hi Costa women!.Please allow me to introduce you a bit of this mini eco project for women to build and share a self-sufficient secure space, in nature on a little community a little family and close to all facilities.

I hope to find some of you that likes to share your life with other women, likeminded and heart center , to keep on working in ,and out of ourselves, and on nature bonding, on what it could be our own little paradise on earth.

The plot  is an urban plot of 2400m2, among 2 Natural Parks , right in front of Africa,Gibraltar straight.Silence and nature sounds is what you have here.The area is low populated ,so very little traffic . Plots are big enough to assure intimacy and the development of a mini eco (kind of white zone)project. Where we also can develop healthy and enjoy company ,nature and own resources.

Also many of the owners have 2 or mre plots.That it is other possibility . 
To increase the size of the project by adding other plot beside.

You can step out of the plot and walk kms and kilometers without
 closing ever with anybody or you can just take the car 8min and go
 where the people , all the facilities and beaches are.You just open
 your eyes in the morning and see beauty all around you.You have panoramic views to the sea and Africa.
The building percentage norms allow you to build around 464m2,2 highs
 plus what they call as a 3rd high a tower(or mini suit for other
 component of the group).
 What I thought to do is a house like this one or similar CATERPILLAR HOUSE ,(Just as an idea. Still open too the other participants.The down part would be common areas and the upper would be suits with kitchen and all the needed
 facilities, so every body has its own individual space with a mini
 terrace among each suit and a balcony on the shout edge ,to the sea

I´m Interior Architect ,not in active but I could carry the management of the building project.We can have it build up ,in less than year !.For the building project I may need about 4 to 6 participants with about 80.000 to 150.000 euros each (could be a few people more , with a bit less quantity ,because there is the possibility to have at least 1 or 2 more not to big apartments )to buy their part and build.
For the home town ,these are family houses.Ours would be a different kind of family ,but family anyway. I hope!.

 Also a part there is a little house already finish with 2 rooms for other 2 participants that won’t mind to share the space with a friend, sister…and that would be the most independent space, with its own access and private garden and facilities in front. But with acmes to all the plot.This can be upgraded to 3 rooms and garage .Or the project could use it as a rent¡ng space ,maybe for other women or not (it could be set as a completely independent from the main space of the project ) to pay with it ,all the expenses ,maintenance and taxes from the plot…(rent is 800e per month). We could also sale or own resources as eco food and plants as Moringa trees that I was planing
on planting ,and exotic fruits as kiwanos,Pitahaya,Berries… . Also even made our own eco textile brand and so on… . Or just enjoy our lives on nature ,community and peace, with our own private and secure space.

I hope that this idea finds you on the right place to sincronice with it , and we can make it happen ,together. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Mini Ecoaldea for women”

  1. Teresa Carrero

    Yes, thank you Alison!. I hope I could get to know other women that are on the situation ,right now ,to be able to jump on such a project. Though, there are other possibilities, even cheaper, that I would be posting about soon ,thanks to Costawomen platform!. That I consider unique and very helpful !
    And by the way ,there is another project in Canarias.They´ve been trying for years .It is not developing, because they want Oficial involvement, and they don´t want that.
    We are going to have to do it on our own, somehow.For me and as the thing are going, we should be as far as possible from theat other option. As soon as they step in anyhow, they would manage the project, you don´t.

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