On Mindfulness

Your attention is the trophy. Everybody wants it. There are strategies and scientific stadies devoted to finding the best way of getting it. The reason for it is that there is so much on the market, and no product can be sold without catching your attention first. There is a virtual war for your attention. You are being bombarded with seducing and catching pictures, sounds and smells; with promises of paradise on earth, fun and entertainment from every possible angle. But can you give your attention to all that, all that outside reality that somebody else has created for you? What to choose, what is really worth your attention? How to recognize it?

So before you place this precious trophy somewhere in the outside world, maybe it is worth putting it as close as possible to yourself. Maybe instead of giving it away so cheaply, you can hold on to it for a moment. Use it on yourself, on what you really feel in your body, what you really want, what that whispering, subtle voice inside you is saying. Place your attention here and allow yourself to listen. It will show and tell you things that nobody else can. That’s MEDITATION.