On Mindfulness

A desire is not a problem; a thought is not a problem; a feeling is not a problem. They appear naturally in us. They just happen, they come and go. We choose and select those that are important or interesting and we focus on them. We build our lives on those choices.

Problem appears when we get very attached to some desires, thoughts or feelings. We start identifying with them forgetting that there is more, that we can step back, change perspective or choose different point of view. Attachment is mistaken for our identity and nature, but it is only some kind of super-glue that although very strong can be dissolved and removed. We don’t need to get rid of desires and thoughts, it is enough to let go of attachments.  

Meditation is a great help in recognizing this misunderstanding. It gives space for a safe and quiet observation of our inner life. It may even help to dissolve a destructive attachment. Learn meditation.