The Ten Commandments for an Unhappy Life!

I just started reading a new book called power of a positive woman.  The first thing it said was the 10 commandments for an unhappy life.  My first reaction was to laugh as it was funny.  Afterwards I thought wow, I am actually guilty of some of these myself!  So although it gave me a laugh it also made me aware of myself and that I need to stop displaying some of these acts. 

Maybe it will give others something to think about also which is why I decided to share it!  So here they are the 10 commandments for an unhappy life:

1. Thou shalt hold onto bitterness and anger.

2. Thou shalt never get too close to anybody.  Keepeth all of thy relationships at surface level.

3. Thou shalt wear a glum expression on thy face at all times.

4. Thou shalt put aside play and shalt inflict upon others that which was once inflicted upon thyself.

5. Thou shalt grumble about the small stuff, forgetting the bigger picture.

6. Thou shalt forget about others´ needs, thinking only of your own.

7. Thou shalt hold regular pity parties, inviting others to joinest thou.

8. Thou shalt not take a vacation.

9. Thou shalt expect the worst in all situations, blame an shame everyone around thyself for everything, and dwell on the feebleness, faults, and fears of others.

10. Thou shalt be in control at all times, no matter what.  

What do you think?  Anything sound familiar?

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  1. Ohhhh yes!! Thanks for sharing Emma. Now I found a book to read this summer! 😉

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