Why are YOU feeling uncertain…

This morning Tom and myself found ourselves swimming in an energy of disbelief shock and ultimately… uncertainty… It’s really not a nice feeling; to feel separated by our friends and family in UK. The choice they have made is clear. BUT then we remembered this energy we feel isn’t ours. It is the energy of the people who continue to be hypnotised by a small minority of people who play the FEAR card. The Human Game of YOU against THEM… Success vs Failure… Darkness vs Light… They want to create more separation, fear and darkness with only one thing in mind… to make YOU feel uncertain AND undermine the essence of who YOU truly are.

Our grief quickly evaporated, when we remembered we have a choice of how we respond to this matter. YES… it is a gift… a new journey for people to be able to see what is truly happening or not and be able to tap into their own true essence of LOVE… AND for Tom and I to honour the journey’s of our fellow BRITONS of how they choose to live their life and focus on consciously creating our own life of joy.

Yesterday I posted a blog post on How does LOVE vote?  I felt very passionate about us all staying together even though I see what is happening within the European Power House…

YES we have allowed the European Union to overpower us and IAM not sure if there is a physical way we could ever take back our power, but I do know that the answer doesn’t lie with Britain leaving Europe, to leave their friends and fellow Europeans to cope with the unrest that is already playing out all over Europe. Has Britain not learned anything from the wars that our forefathers fought with their lives, to free us from enslavement and racism. Together we stay strong, we can support each other. If Britain leaves it can only create more chaos within Europe. We need each other.

We gathered our equilibrium, left our apartment to dine out, to celebrate our commitment to be the certainty in our own life… to be our own safety net… to be responsible for our own guidance. It was not easy, but essential if we are to maintain our high vibration of love and joy and remain empowered.

For the ones who know me, you know that IAM a MasterCreator; a DivineHumanBeing… my Human Self having fallen in love and integrated with my Divine Self. My first book shares my magical journey discovering Who IAM… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom I was inspired to write and publish it, to inspire others to resonate with their own DIVINITY and MAGNIFICENCE and be FREE.

As a MasterCreator I sense the fear mongering around the world… the games that politics, spiritualists, religious heads and scientists continue to play… disempowering people… winning their ground at the expense of others. What is happening is part of the downfall of all that is corrupt and untrue AND in the meantime Tom and myself continue to celebrate our chosen freedom away from the game, enjoying life in each moment and imagining walking through the wall.

My question to YOU is… If you feel uncertain, Do you know why?

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary and MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


www.memymagnificentself.com Available from Amazon…

‘The Human physical body and mind is taking a natural quantum leap into its own Divinity. The pure and clear crystalline light of Divine love and intelligence itself is absorbing the physical body and mind and integrating into One Body Consciousness.

This natural transformation process causes the physical body and mind to re- structure and re-balance. Old ways and patterns to be rewired and re-written and hidden dark aspects of Self, shaken lose. It makes people feel raw, chaotic and unbalanced at times, especially if they remain unaware of what is happening and don’t realise that this is all part of a natural cycle of change. Many people become unwell and enter the depths of depression.

If a person is lucky, the illness takes them into a void, a wonderful opportunity for some quiet me-time, to connect to a part of them self that is pure love and a knowing that everything is OK. With the conscious breath they can expand within themself, feel into their own true nature and be aware of who they truly are’.


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