On Mindfulness

It has been a beautiful summer in Norway. The nature is rich and exuberant here. The intensity and variety of green colors is breath taking. And the weather is very changeable. There are no two days similar; it may rain and blow one day and be sunny and warm the following one. The season is so pleasant, rich and fascinating. There is luxury in it.

So, when I can, I take a sensual approach to it; I can walk through a buzzing city or a wild forest and just pay attention to my experience of walking and I don’t comment on it at all. I only see; I only feel, hear and smell what is here and now. I see the landscape coming towards me; I feel the air on my cheeks and hands and my feet touching the ground; I hear the sounds without describing them, without giving them any names. My body knows how to walk; my body knows how to breathe, so I usually don’t pay any attention to it, but now. Now I observe it walking, breathing, sensing. I am in motion and fully present in it. It is the very experience of life unfolding to me. And it is also called walking meditation; highly recommended.

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  1. Hi Izabela how are you? When are you back in Elviria and need you to help me again with my sleeping problems ... anyway, I just saw this on Facebook and it made me think of you x http://www.upworthy.com/this-school-replaced-detention-with-meditation-the-results-are-stunning

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