What Is… Loving Yourself All About? Part II

Since my post last week have you thought about how YOU love YOURSELF? Are you choosing to stand out from the herd, to steer yourself in the direction of thriving in life, being responsible for your words and actions and who you surround yourself with, being mindful about what you choose to buy and consume internally and externally and are clear that YOU are the No 1 priority?


I wrote about the Physical Body and Mind being the vehicle for the Light Body/Mind and how it is important to keep it in pristine condition to help raise our vibration and rise to the next level that is now possible for all Humankind. I focused on the importance of being mindful of sunscreen we smother on our body… that stops the absorption of sunlight and the production of Vitamin D in the body for overall health, as well as absorbing harmful chemicals that harm the body. Instead the most loving thing everyone can do for themself, is to be mindful of the short time you sunbathe in the hot midday sun, use natural sunscreen oils, stay in the shade more, wear a hat and thin cotton clothing (especially for children) where appropriate.


This week I want to talk about inflammation OVERLOAD in the body that is caused by the immune system attacking the body through its confusion and unreliable connection to internal signals. Inflammation is the root cause of over 150 illness’s (including skin cancer and cancer) and begins by our overeating of processed foods and drinks that contain too much sugar, salts, saturated fats, damaged omega 6 oils and carbohydrates, our lack of exercise, constant stress and hidden viruses/bacteria in food and the Environment. This ALL causes our body distress and raises the production of glucose. This over production of glucose then interferes with the production of Cortisol that inhibits enzymes like insulin from storing glucose as fat, forcing glucose to remain in areas causing inflammation overload, malfunction of the blood and failure of our organs that eventually shutdown.


Foods to be mindful about and consumed at the minimum or avoided altogether…


Pasta… Rice… Bread… Crackers… Biscuits… Crisps… Deep Fried Foods… Pastry… Sweets…
Chocolates… Fizzy Drinks… Processed Foods & Juices


I came across this picture recently that shows exactly who produces all these procesed foods that are causing disease amongst the population. I begin to wonder what madness they are trying to acheive.

Our physical body/mind can either grow or protect itself (live or die) … there is no half way mark, so if you choose for growth, to live… then you best choose to be MINDFUL about what you and your loved ones consume. For the last 2 years Tom and I have chosen to enjoy a low carb/high good fat lifestyle, similar to Paleo lifestyle and how we used to live before the planting of grains and seeds and processed foods to fill up the people. But as I purposely never fit into any box, I create my own nameless lifestyle moment by moment with fresh local foods and good quality meats/fish, enjoy a half hour walk each morning in nature, take enough quiet me time and am careful not to allow stress into my life. The latter means not allowing other people’s drama and opinion to influence and affect me.


I wrote a blog post a couple of years ago about Tom’s diabetes diagnosis that began my research into food and medicine and how changing his lifestyle reversed his diagnosis within three weeks. You can read all about my research and story here. Tom and I will never look back, oh we enjoy an occasional Italian pasta dish and Indian food but we enjoy consuming our healthy colourful food options, lots of water and a couple of glasses of red wine. Here are some of our favourite meals…






That leaves me to ask you… Is your Body/Mind important to you? Are you Aware it is up to you to choose which mode your body stays in… growth or protection mode? Are you being Mindful with what you put on and in your body? Are you becoming more aware of what LOVING YOURSELF is all about. I’d love to hear from you.


Next week I’ll talk a little about my secret ingredient, superfood for our light body/mind and a magic recipe that is helping me overcome some stress on my body.


Take care of yourself,
Barbara Franken… MasterCreator
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