Something Nice I Read in the Book I´m Reading

I am still reading the book Power of a Positve Women. 

The bit I just read I found very interesting.  With todays media I feel there is much more pressure on Women too look good and be “perfect” whatever that is.  I feel this has come because of all the photoshopping they do in the magazines and making models appear thinner or airbrushing etc.  So when I came across this part in the book I felt it was something very relavant in todays society so I have taking a photo of this part of the book to share with you all.  I feel it is something we all need to remember and to not to get caught up in all the media crap.  This book has given me many moments where I am like ahhh that is so true and really makes you think about the way you act and think and gives you a new perspective on life.  It is spiritual and refers to God etc but there is still many aspects of the book that can apply to every woman out there.  I recommend it to all.  It is by Kallie Ladd and called Power of a Positive Women. 

I hope you like this and like I said it gives you something to think about. 

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  1. Hi Emma - lovely words 🙂 .One of the main tasks I face when treating clients (generally women) in my practice as a nutritionist /food counsellor is convincing them that they have value at whatever size, at whatever weight. My experience tells me that only when we really start to value ourselves internally, can we be truly balanced, and able to make changes to the behaviour that governs our external appearance. Its taken me years to learn this personally, and I'm still on my own journey - and one of the things that always sets me back a step is the fashion/gossip media and the culture of "how we should look", when I know that I will never be remotely able to conform those impossible images. No one I know has the time, funds or inclination to spend the totality of their lives fashioning their appearance - sometimes I barely look in a mirror ( as indicated by the fact I have spent half of today with black eyeliner wiped across my face! ) - looking like a fashion model is not relevant to my life, but gradually learning to feel good about who I am inside is very much is - and should be on all of our to do lists every day.

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